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Bandcamp its amazing, but It does not have the social aspect that myspace did. Facebook has the social aspect, but there is no facebook music, like there was myspace music. Having said that music apps in facebook are doing quite well. Youtube was is and will continue to be the largest place to find music, and just play it. And so there you have it. Myspace IS dead, and they have not been able to resurrect it, because they dont have the knowhow. Its buggy, it takes 10 years just play a song, and it basically sucks!


There's something in the wind ...

Hisham Dahud

It was Jason Feinberg of Concord Music who said “We want to figure out new ways to do new things, not new ways to do old things" at SF MusicTech.


Thanks Hisham. I had been wondering about that :-)


Topspin is also very good if you are building a list and then tring to sell music etc. Definitely worth considering for any artist looking to connect with their audience.


Will Facebook die? Hope Not.
Cant there just be a social network to build the best social network?


@Kawika - FB will stick around for a while, and so will other social networks and solutions.
@Hisham - True that we find ourselves creating new solutions for old services, but it will take that one new genius (i.e. someone to think of something we didn't) to make "the next FB".

Musicians need to connect everything together - utilize the strong services and understand who their audience is and where they're at.

We're launching a service to integrate them all - but we promised ourselves that we'll try and also invent "the next thing"; just to have a nice addition to the current things we're doing...


Facebook is going to go the same way Myspace did the closer they get to an I.P.O and have to show a profit. People left Myspace because of the ads and the obnoxious promotions. Murdoch tried to turn a profit,but people don't go to social media sites to buy anything, they're there to SOCIALIZE.Myspace may have succeeded if they had uniformity in the pages,and disallowed all the flash when you visited a music page,but all the ads really got on people's nerves,and that's the only way Facebook is going to turn a profit. When the guys at Facebook have to face investors,they are going to have to increase ad space.It's their only source of revenue.Most people now are getting info on new music from friends and Youtube.We indies have to figure out a better way to gain exposure since the majors still control the airwaves.


Combining new socials with your own controlled website result in the best practice. Besides options like Bancamp, MOvE Online, Topspin, CDBaby or Bandzoogle you can easily keep up with the coming and going of the social networks.

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