VibeDeck Raises $2 Million For Free, No Fee Music Sales Platform

image from www.hypebot.com (UPDATED) VibeDeck announced today that it had raised $2 million from a private investor to develop its direct-to-fan e-commerce platform for musicians. The deal was struck on April 2nd and the website launched a month later in beta.

VibeDeck provides a free service for musicians to publish customizable web pages to sell or giveaway digital tracks.  They don't take a cut of sales. Rather, payments flow directly into the user’s PayPal account making funds and transaction data immediately available.

Is Less Is More?

“From a product perspective, we are focused on eliminating every step in the ‘transaction piece’ that we do not consider absolutely crucial,” said Wil Padley, the company’s Co-Founder & CTO, adding, “VibeDeck may do less than its alternatives but, in our opinion, especially after a number of updates in the coming weeks, will be just as powerful and more accessible to the non-technical, bootstrapping music entrepreneur.”

“In its first iteration, our product is intended to improve the transaction experience between an artist and a fan, allowing artists to enjoy maximum profit margins, greater ease-of-use, and a deeper relationship with their audiences," said Lior Shamir, the company’s Co-Founder & CEO. "Looking ahead, we hope that VibeDeck will extend beyond music to touch the careers of sole proprietors and small businesses across a variety of markets.”

Disclosure: VibeDeck is a Hypebot sponsor.

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  1. Step 1, find underwear! Step 2…. Step 3, profit! 😉
    Seriously though it’s called advertising. You have enough people going to your website for whatever reason, companies will pay you to advertise on your site. That’s why some people are able to make money from Youtube even though they offer a free service.
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  2. Advertising isn’t the cure-all most people think it is. Even Youtube wasn’t profiting until recently. Good luck to Vibedeck though…they’re going to need it.

  3. Wow, this guys are doing great apparently they are going after bandcamp. I checked they’re service seems pretty straight forward.

  4. Hey guys, lets not forget this is how bandcamp started, being free, and look how well they are doing now. This guys have a plan in mind apparently. Either way, looks pretty cool.

  5. I’m not sure about this one.
    In my opinion selling your own tracks has never been a big problem. Getting people who are not your fans to know that you have music for sale will still be a bigger problem even after you’ve signed up with VibeDeck.

  6. ummm, is that not the same Wil that set up Band Central? So, is he no longer supporting his indie artists there?

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