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VibeDeck Raises $2 Million For Free, No Fee Music Sales Platform

image from www.hypebot.com (UPDATED) VibeDeck announced today that it had raised $2 million from a private investor to develop its direct-to-fan e-commerce platform for musicians. The deal was struck on April 2nd and the website launched a month later in beta.

VibeDeck provides a free service for musicians to publish customizable web pages to sell or giveaway digital tracks.  They don't take a cut of sales. Rather, payments flow directly into the user’s PayPal account making funds and transaction data immediately available.

Is Less Is More?

“From a product perspective, we are focused on eliminating every step in the ‘transaction piece’ that we do not consider absolutely crucial,” said Wil Padley, the company’s Co-Founder & CTO, adding, “VibeDeck may do less than its alternatives but, in our opinion, especially after a number of updates in the coming weeks, will be just as powerful and more accessible to the non-technical, bootstrapping music entrepreneur.”

“In its first iteration, our product is intended to improve the transaction experience between an artist and a fan, allowing artists to enjoy maximum profit margins, greater ease-of-use, and a deeper relationship with their audiences," said Lior Shamir, the company’s Co-Founder & CEO. "Looking ahead, we hope that VibeDeck will extend beyond music to touch the careers of sole proprietors and small businesses across a variety of markets.”

Disclosure: VibeDeck is a Hypebot sponsor.