Amazon Cloud Adds Free Unlimited Music Storage

image from (UPDATED) Amazon has enhanced it's cloud music offering to stay competitive with Apple and Google. Paid Amazon cloud storage plans now include unlimited space for music, Amazon MP3 purchases are stored free even in unpaid plans, and iPad has been added to the Cloud Player.

For a limited time, Amazon customers who purchase a Cloud Drive storage plan will receive unlimited space for  MP3 and AAC music files. Plans start at $20 a year for 20 GB of file storage plus unlimited space for music. Customers using the free 5G of storage can now also store all of their past and future Amazon MP3 purchases free without it counting against any storage quota.

Amazon has also added an HTML5 web based Cloud Player (launch from Safari here) which combined with music on the Cloud Drive, enables customers to play music on the iPad. Amazon's Cloud Player was already compatible with Android phones and tablets, Mac and PC.

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