Bandmix Improves Musicians Classifieds

Bandmix Bandmix is a fairly simple classifieds service featuring musicians seeking other musicians with which to play. While other features are offered, including an active forum section, the musicians listings seem to be the key focus.

There are plenty of listings and searches by location and by instruments revealed quite a bit of diversity so that ups the chance of Bandmix being a useful service for you if you're seeking other musicians.

Bandmix focuses on the U.S. with additional sites for the UK and Canada. Basic service is free with a variety of paid options.

Profiles offer plenty of room to show people where you're coming from so let them know! Even a relatively low quality video can show people a lot and make that initial filtering of possibilities go a lot quicker.

Craigslist is an obvious alternative to any classifieds-type service but Bandmix's profiles offer a lot more information than the typical Craigslist notice seeking musicians. In fact, Bandmix's social network approach to the musicians' wanted category is a definite improvement over text listings for finding an appropriate match.

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  1. Nice site. I was trying to do a similar thing with the “Virtual Auditions” section of my site HypedSound, though it hasn’t fit into the main focus of the site and is a hard idea to nail without the scale needed to make it useful for everyone. Seems like Bandmix has a focus on just that one problem, so we’ll see if they can provide enough value where users don’t feel compelled to only use Craigslist.

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