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How To Use New Facebook Comment Features For Fan Engagement

image from Facebook has launched new features that allow embedded videos, photos and web sites in comments by including a URL. The comment will then include a video player, thumbnail of a photo, or a brief overview of the web site being linked to. Previews can be removed with one click.  Expanded comments created new opportunities for fan engagement. Here are a few ways to use the new Facebook comment features:

  • A band member posts on Facebook after a show asking fans to post their favorite photos from the show in comments.
  • On a band member's birthday, ask fans for video best wishes.
  • Run a contest asking fans to post comments on the band on social networks and blogs providing a link back to them in comments for verification.

Get a little free promo and try out the new feature by leaving a link to a video of your band or your website in the comments on the Hypebot Facebook page here.

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