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Introduce Yourself To The Hypebot Community: Join Our Online Networking Party

image from (UPDATE 2)  It's not too late to get involved: It's a tradition for Hypebot to host an online networking party several times a year.  Much of the business slows down for the summer, but we keep publishing on a lighter schedule.

Many of our readers use the down time to work on exciting projects; while others are just looking for a constructive solution to the pre-holiday work day blahs. Either way, get involved. Shameless plugs are allowed:

In the comments section below, tell us a little about yourself, what you're working on and what excites you (PG-13 only).  Include links that you think might be of interest to others and I suggest adding your name and email or some way that other Hypebot readers interested in collaborating can find you.

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  1. Hi Hypebot community. As an active producer, songwriter, and composer based in Los Angeles, I enjoy keeping up with the creative business aspects in what I do as well as for artists I work with. Making music for the love of making music is fine, but making music with carefully thought-out goals and plans for success is even better.
    Readers of Hypebot may be interested to check out my comprehensive article on The Entrepreneurial Guide To Being A Musician In The 21st Century ( and I can be found at

  2. Hey guys, I keep my blog at, I’m active mainly in the British music scene (being from Scotland and all) but I like to keep up to date with the rest of the world through my blog.
    I write daily for any ambitious creative musician, here’s a little blurb;
    “BeHyped is an archive, a treasure chest of information and ideas for artists the world over to dive into. To fulfil curiosity and find out about all the inspiring artists around the world and how there doing it – how they came to live their passion.
    I want artists to come away with a sense that they can do as much as they can, themselves.”

  3. Hello everyone,
    First and foremost a big thanks to the Hypebot crew for doing a great job of keeping the rest of us informed and up to date. I reference your site pretty much every day and have learned way too much if that’s possible!
    I am a DIY artist so all of the information posted very relevant. Just released an EP and would love to get your feedback on it, as honestly there is no better way to improve than constructive criticism. Thanks for your time and I look forward to many more great articles from the blog!

  4. Hello,
    this is JOANPi, an independent musician/artist/songwriter who also try to be as business savvy as possible including a digital label in future. So really thank you for saving me valuable time & keep all us independent & business serious people on track. Reviews, comments or just connecting social are welcomed. Have a great weekend & happy 4th to you!

  5. Hello, fellow HB’ers!
    I’m a musician, producer, who’s just moved to Southern Cali from Atlanta for another job in the tech world. I play keys – specialize in B3 including kicking bass. I’ve been following hypebot for a while to stay on top of this quickly changing business of music. I don’t have any projects going on having just moved, but feel free to follow me on twitter or facebook. Cheers!

  6. Hey guys,
    I just launched the alpha of Navegas – the reinvention of the music player as a website and would love to hear your feedback on it.
    It´s on and currently optimized for Google Chrome. But Firefox, with a much nicer local integration is coming next week.
    In plain its a web app that plays your local music together with YouTube and SoundCloud. So as you use those music sources frequently – Navegas could come in handy 😉
    If you have any feedback and ideas pls post them on our GetSatisfaction account so that “normal users” understand that they are part of the process, as they see your comments there.
    I thank you in advance, and enjoy!!

  7. Greetings! This is a great idea, thank you Hypebot. I am fairly new to the site but finding boundless tips and inspiration to keep trying with my music. I am Ava Lemert, a California lady that sings, writes and performs on several instruments to create my songs. In addition to singing lead and arranging harmonies, my instruments of choice are tenor and alto saxophones. I am seeking booking and PR…”hype” basically! I’d love to collaborate and do more with what the Almighty gave me: horns and pipes galore!
    TAG, now come and get me on:
    tweet @AvaLemert
    there’s a bunch more, email is:

  8. Thanks to Hypebot for your great service to the music community and for keeping us ahead of the fast-changing music curve.
    I am an aspiring and talented young producer currently based out of AZ and creator of 3DFest-Drum.Dance.Didge…Heal! in 2010 – A World Music celebration. (old website being updated and archived).
    I am planning for a major comeback of the festival, this time as Arizona World Music Fest, for October 2012. Anyone located regionally who like to be a part of this endeavour or who is able to help me network regional contact would be greatly appreciated.
    You can reach me at:
    Nikk Stevers

  9. Hi everyone! I keep an ear to the firehose for Factory Nation, an artist-run collective and promotion machine. We daily sift through all the latest music news and related content to keep our followers informed and up to date, with particular emphasis given to the UK (naturally, we also like to promote the bands and projects we find most interesting, no matter where they’re from!)

  10. Hello everyone,
    I always enjoy seeing the Hypebot articles show up in the RSS feed.
    I’m a mix engineer who helps independent recording bands and artists achieve their sonic goals through technical and creative sound processing.
    My service is available online and I mix a variety of genres for artists world-wide.
    You may download my 8 page guide “After the Mix: An Artist’s Guide to Promoting and Exposing Your Recorded Music” here:
    Get in touch through the following methods:
    Scott Horton

  11. Why hello there! Come here often? I sure do (every single day)!
    My name is Chancius and I’m an independent musician in Brooklyn, NY. I’ve been recording and playing music for close to ten years now. I’ve worked in many different areas of the industry from Jive Records to performing & selling CDs in subway hallways to managing at a music school & rental company. I’m currently recording my next album due out next year. I love keeping on top of industry news and reading what fellow musicians and insiders have to say in the comment sections here!

  12. Hi Everyone!
    My name is Matt, contributor and reader of all things HypeBot. I work in music consulting and artist management for my company (site to relaunched this month). I also am the EVP of a non-profit organization called The Project Matters that aims to help artist under the age of 21 with career perpetuation ( Also, we do a little music licensing on the side for film, commercial and television.
    Hook up with me @madktc.
    Happy 4th!

  13. hi hypebot, thank you for the networking online and for the terrific job of keeping us up to date on what’s going on in music and media. my background is in entertainment specifically in the music business having worked for some major and independent labels and am currently working on a smaller mom and pop type record music venue online. having read Billboard and other major music industry magazines for many years would like to compliment you and say that I find your posts and articles along with digital music news to be the most up to date interesting. kudos. can find me on :,,,
    am also a motivated Environmentalist hoping to make any small difference in saving our Oceans for future generations!! cheers Everyone have a great Holiday weekend! Lei (:

  14. Hello hypebot people
    My name is kaydee and i am an artist mgr representing Ambrosius ( @marvinambrosius he has a show tomorrow (Sunday 3rd) and if your in London, UK the venue is Villian 89 Gt Eastern St EC2A 3HX
    I also run a pr company DS Music PR (find us on Facebook) helping urban acts market their tracks both online and on traditional radio.
    Follow me on either @kedamgt or @dsmusicpr

  15. Hi,
    I’m Hilke (@hilkeros). I am a self-managing musician and I run an music start-up.
    The start-up is an internet service for musicians to manage their social networks profiles more efficiently. I found myself that we loose a lot of time with keeping track of the different social websites and I set up a dashboard to help you save time with that. Please, feel free to registrate, try it out and give us feedback:
    I also have a blog at and I reference quite often to the fantastic Hypebot articles.
    My band Amatorski (@amatorski) is one of the big discoveries of last year here in Belgium. We got a lot of media attention and sales are fine. We are looking for ways to go international. I wrote a lengthy post about finding the balance between our musical/business aspirations and the ecological problems of our world, that you might be interested in:
    Feel free to check out our music at
    Nice to hear from all of you!

  16. Hi,
    I’m Dirk from the band Rubber Clown Car. We’re a post Power Pop, Junk Pop band. Influences include Bob Mould, XTC, GBV and many others. We’re currently working on our latest record. Our other records are available at CD Baby and iTunes. Always looking to work with creative people in any medium (music, video, etc…). Check us out at:
    Rubber Clown Car

  17. Hi Everyone,
    First – Thanks to Bruce & the Hypebot crew for the latest and greatest; and for helping us all make a connection here.
    My name is Ed Bunker, and my company is No Problem! Marketing. We’re a Boutique, Full service Music & Entertainment Marketing company/consultancy.
    We help you cut through the clutter and rise above the rest of the noise in the marketplace.
    Whatever your music marketing needs – it’s No Problem!

  18. Hey Everyone,
    Special shout out to Hypebot for being a main artery in the music information super highway, and to the entire network of artists and music lovers who comprise an awesome community that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.
    My name is Juma, I’m an alternative hip-hop recording artist/songwriter/producer out of Boston, defender of good and sworn enemy of evil. When I’m not fighting global hegemony and injustice wherever it rears its ugly head, I’m making music I think most reasonable people should listen to.
    Feel free to check out my tunes and/or follow me and I’ll follow back.
    Be Well Everyone,

  19. Hello! I am the creator and writer of a new Music Industry & tech news blog- “MuzeBiz.” You can find me on Tumblr at, or on Twitter: @MuzeBiz! I am very interested in finding some new followers and conglomerating with other blogs! Feel free to comment on my blog or Tweet me if you are interested! Thanks!

  20. Hello everyone! I am the creator and writer of a new music industry and tech news blog! I am on Tumblr ( and Twitter (@MuzeBiz). I am very interested in finding some new followers, and conglomerating with some other blogs. Please feel free to comment on my blog or Tweet me if you want to chat!

  21. Hi David. I enjoyed your article, “The Entrepreneurial Guide To Being A Musician In The 21st Century.” I have a B.S. in Music & Entertainment Industry Studies and spent many days studying the same topic! In fact, I wrote a thesis paper entitled “Music Marketing: The Digital Shift and its Collaborative Implications.” If you are interested in reading it for self-marketing purposes let me know and I’ll get it to you. Also, you may be interested in my blog, MuzeBiz. You can find me at or on Twitter @MuzeBiz. Thanks for the great article!
    Jessica Mychael

  22. Hello!
    I’m a daily reader of HypeBot and want to thank you for your great articles. I’ve recently (within the last few months) started a blog of my own (, aimed at helping the DIY musician navigate social media and everything that it has to offer, along with discussing some news, tips, etc.
    On the side, I also help independent bands set up accounts on social media sites and teach them how to effectively use them to reach their online goals. Feel free to get in touch with me, I’m always looking to network!
    Ann Marie

  23. Hello,
    I’m Kurt, from Michigan. I am a college sophomore at MSU, student trombonist, and music fan. I also own a forum and internet radio station called The Voice Internet Radio. The radio station plays various genres of music, based on new and popular songs and influenced by user feedback, and the forum is for music news and discussion. Please feel free to check out the site: If you have any comments, you can let me know there or find me on Twitter @trombone13 and @voiceradio.

  24. Thanks to Hypebot for this opportunity to meet other readers! I’m Chief Strategic Officer for, a music sponsorship platform. We enable musicians to find brands to sponsor releases of their music over the player. Fans get the music for free, while the artists get fair compensation for their work. Part of the fee is donated to a charity selected by the artist. We’re interested in outstanding artists whose music can attract the support of major brands.
    Visit our blog at and get to know us!

  25. Hi Hipebot folks. I’m keen to make now online pals.
    This is me on twitter @jimsutherland please connect and I’ll follow back
    I’m a composer and music producer working across genres and cultures, Based in Edinburgh!
    you can listen to my music here where it is organised into themed playlists.
    Here are a few more links
    Jim Sutherland

  26. Hello Hypebot Friends,
    Taurean Casey here of Music Assistant Now ( We offer social media marketing for artists, along with other great tools for indie artists. I also write music-related articles, The New Music Industry Is Not Coming & newly CALL TO INDIE ARTISTS: STOP GIVING AWAY YOUR MUSIC FOR FREE! It’s great that we have such a wonderful resource like Pleasure meeting everyone and I look forward to further building.

  27. Hi,
    My name is Nickita and I am a UK based singer/songwriter. My style of music is dance/RnB and I am influenced by artists such as J-Lo, Beyonce, Shakira and Christina Aguilera. I am currently writing songs for my second album, which I will hopefully be recording some time later this year.
    Please check out some of my music on my website
    I can also be found on Facebook and Twitter
    Best wishes
    Nickita x

  28. Hi everyone,
    I’m Jessi, the author of Music On The Make. I used to be signed to a major and then decided to set up my own label. I write on Music on the Make about my thoughts, findings, tips and tricks about being a musician entrepreneur. I also write regular guest posts on
    Drop by and say hi!

  29. Hi,
    I am Erin with Rhygin Records. We are a reggae label out of California since 2004, we just announced our new album coming out July 26th titled Rhygin Showcase.
    You can listen to a couple songs from the album by visiting this link
    Reggae vinyl is bigger and better for us than ever before, when combined with digital downloads in the package, it can’t be beat.
    Hypebot is part of my daily coffee and news routine, a must read every day, even holidays.

  30. Hello, I am a hypebot regular. I am currently a MBA student at the Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University). I just finished my first year and have another year to go. In addition to school, I also manage “Radio Creme Brulee” – an internet music radio station that showcases an eclectic mix of current pop/rock music from both sides of the Atlantic alongside guilty pleasures, forgotten gems, and radio hits from the last three decades. While our audience is predominantly US-based, we also have a substantial number of listeners from Canada, France, and Israel. The station can be listened to from any part of the world via this website:
    Last, but not least, thank you for giving us great posts on the music business. This has been especially helpful during recruiting and interviewing.

  31. Hi Richard,
    This Josee Deschenes, I’m an artist manager and tour manager. In reply to your request, I strongly recommend you check out Sean Eyre from Vancouver, British Columbia! He’s a brilliant composer/creator. He’s been with the label Nettwerk but has since moved on to another publishing company. You can find him on Facebook.

  32. I run best practices, marketing, and strategy for our clients at Moontost. Moontoast creates storefronts that can be shared on any website, social networks, and in the Facebook news feed. Our music-focused product, Fan Impulse ( allows musicians to sell their music on Facebook.
    Nice to meet you all and hope you have a great 4th!

  33. Good to know about your blog i love your information and i want to more information form your blog this is really very nice blog.
    Thanks for post..

  34. Happy July 4th.
    Thanks to everyone for participating so far. Please help spread the word and get more people involved. We’ll keep the thread pen for another day or two.

  35. Happy Independence Day!
    Thanks Hypebot for this forum and the awesome work you’all do. Hypebot is definitely on my daily radar screen.
    I’m enjoying readying everyone’s background. I look forward to connecting with you’all, if I haven’t already.
    My business, Music Powered Strategies , is similar to many of yours. I’m focused on helping musicians plan, market, and connect to fans. My focus is developing an overall strategy, putting solid marketing plans in place, executing, then measuring. In addition to marketing we are also involved in Artist Management and Event/Tour Planning.
    Give me a shout sometime. Would love to find out more about each of your businesses and discuss the music business.
    Take care,
    Website: ht tp://
    Twitter: MusicPowerStrat
    Facebook: Music Powered Strategies

  36. David,
    Like the guide. There’s a lot of info out there and it’s nice to have something to help clarify what’s available and how to use.
    Take care,

  37. Hello,
    I’m a regular Hypebot reader & fan and I look after a music video social network. Here’s the shameless plug 🙂
    services for bands, artists, labels and directors worldwide
    PROMOTE and
    DISTRIBUTE music videos.
    We specialise in working with the independent sector.
    Artist and labels post briefs for music videos on our site, our worldwide network of music video directors submit pitches.
    We promote music videos through our industry tipsheet to the hottest blogs and to our substantial newsletter and social media lists.
    Independent artists and labels distribute their videos for streaming to millions of viewers. We have output deals with, Arte, Playstation3, SamsungTV, mobile networks and many others. 
    The Hub for Independent Music Video
    Create : Promote : Distribute

  38. Hello All,
    I’m a regular Hypebot reader & fan and I look after a music video social network. Here’s the shameless plug 🙂
    services for bands, artists, labels and directors worldwide

    PROMOTE and
    DISTRIBUTE music videos.
    We specialise in working with the independent sector.
    Artist and labels post briefs for music videos on our site, our worldwide network of music video directors submit pitches.
    We promote music videos through our industry tipsheet to the hottest blogs and to our substantial newsletter and social media lists.
    Independent artists and labels distribute their videos for streaming to millions of viewers. We have output deals with, Arte, Playstation3, SamsungTV, mobile networks and many others. 
    The Hub for Independent Music Video
    Create : Promote : Distribute

  39. Happy Holidays all. I’m Pone from Kriminal Recordz, an up and coming label from Miami Fl.
    For anyone who’s trying to do it all (Ceo, writer, Artist, video editor, producer, executive producer, promotor, ect) themselves, it can really get exhausting without the right source of info. I try follow Hypebot religiously. Thanks for always having the ‘News I can use’ .
    Check out your feed on my website. (& all things Kriminal Recordz)

  40. Happy 4th of July to everyone at Hypebot. I am Sakara Ani with the progressive rock band Inlay and I read Hypebot daily as a way to go from musician/artist to musician/band promoter. You offer so many tricks of the trade. Thank you, for Inlay and for all the many artists and bands struggling to “get there” on their own. It could not happen without you.

  41. I’m an active publicist and writer, who works with the best musicians around. Over the past seven years I’ve had a spectacular collaboration with pop singer/songwriter Jann Klose in the marketing/career growing dept. As we start work on his next album, we’re also campaigning to have him open for Paul McCartney in Jann’s hometown of the Bronx. (see the last story from the New York Daily News).
    There are links on my web site ( where you can hear Jann’s music or just do a search at You’ll understand why I’ve been working day and night on him, and what he has to offer. He tours Internationally, is on a GRAMMY-nominated album, HEALTHY FOOD FOR THOUGHT, talks with the fans, and gives back to the community.
    Feel free to spread the link–it’d be great to have him and Paul together, especially because the idea makes sense!

  42. I am a HUGE fan of Hypebot. Bruce – let me know if I can help!
    My name is Chris. I am the co-owner of Ends Meet Media (, an indie record label that we have been running since 2002. I also own an interactive marketing consultancy (social media, online marketing, web development) over at BigMess ( – where I specialize in marketing strategies for start-ups. I cut my teeth working in Corp Dev and Marketing for a major VC backed music start-up (hint; the world’s first legal, free, ad-supported music download service). I have taken what I have learned about music and technology and turned it into my livelihood. I am always looking for new clients and new projects to get involved with. I also play drums in a Weezer cover band (we only play Blue Album and Pinkerton track)

  43. hey hypebotters,
    This week I released my first EP. It is the result from the love that I have for the Funk. More than that, it is an album about remix culture, biology, the need for new copyright laws in music and the african philosophy. But in the end is just another record… so check it out and help me to spread the love on the net.

  44. Hi everyone …
    Happy July 4th. I’m Joel Denver, President/Publisher of, the largest onestop of information about the radio and music business. The site is free, just register for full access to all the data.
    Lots of new music to hear, but not download, and all of the up to the minute news about radio in all major radio formats, and the music business as well.
    Please check us out.
    I may be contacted at
    Enjoy the 4th! — Joel

  45. Hey Guys,
    My name is Stephen March and I am singer/songwriter and entrepreneur. My latest project is an online Musician Platform called MyPocketBand, where songwriters can find/audition creative musicians for their songs at an affordable price. If you need additional instrumentation for your songs, visit
    Thanks to Hypebot for the shameless plug and have a happy 4th!

  46. Hypebot! Big fan. I write a music news and tech blog, which for now consists primarily of linking and commenting on other site’s news and tech links, in a sarcastic manner, with the focus being on getting the news out there in a fast and funny manner. I hope to check out some of these blogs and maybe provide links to your posts in the future.
    Check out my site and see if it’s your cup of tea. If not, I will have more ammo to tell my psychiatrist this week.
    @petehatesmusic on twitter

  47. Hello Hypebot community!
    I am Valerie, an intern at the Independent Music Awards and student at Drexel University. I also promote for Lillian Records, an artists services group dedicated to local acts in the Philadelphia area. Soon we will be diving into publishing for our artists. My past projects outside of Lillian and the IMAs include co-product manager for Riot Grrl duo SLUTEVER’s Pretend To Be Nice EP, put out through Bantic Media.
    Hope everyone had a wonderful fourth of July! Was anyone else in Philly for the fireworks?

  48. Hi Guys, I’m PR Consultant the entities from Polish creative industries branch as well as the project coordinator of 2011’s edition of Boogie Brain festival, the 2nd Best European Small Festival by European Music Awards. In addition, I’m a blogger writting in Polish about curious projects regarding creative industries, music know-how as well. Hyperbot’s crew made tremendous work providing amazing information about shifts taking place in music industry.

  49. Hello everyone and Hypebot! 🙂
    I do art direction, artist management and overall execution for Black Plate Co. We are still quite new. I also produce non-entertainment sounds. Present musicians we manage are Six From Sirus and 7 Tier Tien, and Pistol Mouth, all eccentric upcoming act from New York City.
    At the moment, we are in the process of executing a very important track for Japan as well as organising various collaborations for charity and reporting events for Japan in NYC.
    Anyway, I love Hypebot! Striking articles! Thank you for doing what you do. I’m very interested to learn what everybody else is doing as well. 🙂
    Hope everyone had a lovely 4th of July weekend!!
    Nana Ill

  50. Hello Hybebot,
    I’m a singer-songwriter from Brooklyn, NY… just finished tracking my latest EP. :excite:
    I also like to study marketing, branding, social media, etc in my spare time. Oh, and I blog too (sometimes about music, but also more girly stuff, fashion, etc.)
    Yay! America! We love music! (etc, etc…)

  51. Hello fellow hypebotters…
    I’m a singer/songwriter whose music has been described as a “breath of fresh air” I’m looking to release in September and have been navigating all the online tools to try and plan something creative that makes the most of all the available platforms. Your feedback on what I’ve posted would be greatly appreciated. I am very grateful to all the resources and information provided at Hypebot.
    I also put together a weekly E-newsletter for the Songwriters Association of Canada on songwriting and the business. I take the best links from Hypebot, MTT, Mashable, and the world beyond and deliver the content to your email so you can link out at your leisure. You can sign up to get it for FREE monthly (weekly if you pay to become a member) :
    Lily C

  52. Hi Richard,
    I independently released my debut jazz/pop/soul album in April. The more jazz-oriented tracks are being played on some NPR stations. I recommend listening to “Bittersweet”, “In My Dreams” and “All I Need Is To Be With You” here:
    Thanks & enjoy!

  53. I’d first and foremost like to give a big thanks to, all it’s staff and members. With respect to the music, technology, business and entertainment world, you folks are offering leaps and bounds. If any of you get a minute, I highly recommend listening to my underground mixtape titled, ‘Chinese S#it Burgers’…trying to promote strong messages for all and your help would only be a blessing. Always just wanting to make good music and making it better.Power to you all and I will keep my eyes and ears peeled on here for more goodies.
    check here for some of my work/blogs
    MY FACEBOOK BANDPAGE:!/pages/Ram-zi/139989552737601?sk=app_178091127385

  54. Hi Chloe!
    I heard you singing at Shawn Snyder’s Skinny Dip earlier this year. I love your presence and powerful voice! Months later, Alejandro Sanchez showed me a music video he was in. I was like, “I recognize that voice!”
    Keep doing your thing!

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