Musedash: Free Social Media Dashboard + Analytics

Musedash Musedash's "online dashboard for musicians" is a niche focused version of a variety of services that have had varying levels of success allowing you to post to multiple social networks at once. Musedash is pretty straightforward with a focus on posting to MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Analytics are also part of the service. Musedash is currently free with premium features to follow.  DETAILS & VIDEO:


Musedash: Online Dashboard for Musicians

Musedash founder Hilke Ros is himself a musician and designed Musedash to provide a social media dashboard focused on the needs of musicians. Musedash describes itself as a combination of "Artistdata (for posting content to different social networks, but without all the clutter) and Next Big Sound (for the statistics)."

Musedash is simple and straightforward. While it's useful now, the real test will be how future development pans out including a mobile version, improved stats and the addition of more music services such as "Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Tunecore, Fanbridge."

Formerly known as Motion Music Manager, Musedash relaunched in the spring.  They're very interested in hearing from users in order both to improve the current product and to shape future development.

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  1. I have not used the software yet.
    But it looks good best Features include
    – posting video/s to networks simultaneously
    – easy to read dashboard without the clutter
    This could be great for marketers. One thing i would bare in mind is the fact that it might be important to run different marketing strategies on different platforms.
    Is there any competition to this software?

  2. I just signed up for Musedash, checked it out, and wasn’t very impressed. I would love a dashboard that could manage all your social networks AND website and blog activity too. Do you know if there is one out there? The only applications available for you to track on Musedash are YouTube, Myspace (which is becoming obsolete), Twitter, Facebook, and On a positive note, I did like the dashboard layout. I wish there was a way to add more applications to track on it other than the confinement of just picking from options they have available to the user. Google has some very useful tools, but I haven’t come across a site that can organize EVERYTHING in one place yet. If you know of one, please forward my way. Thanks! Dayna Kovacic

  3. Well, they’re positioning themselves in relationship to ArtistData and Next Big Sound but they’re competition also includes services like Hootsuite or

  4. Thanks for the post and the reactions!
    Dayna: we want to work on more applications, especially music-related ones, and also on interaction with band’s websites on WordPress etc. But there are so many options to choose from and there is so little time… We just need feedback from many users to see where we will work on first.

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