Reports: Spotify Hopes To Launch In U.S. Next Week, Predicts 50M 1st Year Subscribers

image from (Updated) Spotify is telling U.S. record label executives that it is hoping to launch its music streaming service here as early as the middle of next week, sources familiar with the situation are telling the Wall Street Journal. Leaked marketing materials obtained by another media source revealed that Spotify believes that consumer acceptance in U.S. will be quick and substantial.

At launch 150 million Facebook users “will start to see music on their feeds. One click and they can have Spotify,” according to documents obtained by All Things Digital. Advertisers will be able to use Spotify to build “music apps” on sites and on Facebook.

Spotify is telling those advertisers that they will reach 50 million subscribers in it's first year in the U.S.  That's a very aggressive goal for a company that now has just 1 million subscribers in Europe and would represent 16% of the entire U.S. population.  “Press coverage is with certainty expected to be big,” Spotify is telling potential launch sponsors. Whether or not consumers are still paying attention after two years of media frenzy remains to be seen.  

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  1. I just read the original article, it says “50 million users”, not subscribers. In Europe Spotify has 10 million users, about 7 million are active users and 1 million paying subscribers.

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