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Jordan Rocha, A&R

I think the piggy-back on Facebook will be a major factor in its integration into the mainstream. The hardest thing for Spotify will be convincing the average person over the age of 25 to "rent" music. What is that? By nature, we want to invest and own. Spotify will not replace piracy, especially in the under 25 market who have grown up with a media buffet on every corner on the net. However, I do believe with the Feds mounting effort in shutting down torrents and illegal activity, the coming RIAA/ISP throttle, and the many options of "Free" internet music, Spotify has the best chance of spearheading a new era for the in extemis industry. My advice would be to get every testamonial in the Biz to shout "Just found this NEW music on Spotify" from the rooftops of late night tele and youtube. It worked for Twitter.

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