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Roundup Of Media & Web Reaction To Spotify Launch

image from www.google.com Now that it's finally here, what did media and web pundits think of Spotify?  The reaction was generally positive though some found flaws. Others focused on the impact Spotify will have on the U.S. music market:

  • With support for multiple platforms, hooks into Facebook and wireless streaming playback in addition to offline music storage, Spotify plays all the right notes... (GigaOm)
  • There are flaws. Spotify’s recommendation engine, and its radio selections are pitiful....no sign of an iPad native version... In the end, though, Spotify is just cloud music done right. (Wired)
  • Digital service Spotify's US launch puts rivals on notice. (NY Post)


  • Five CNET editors, five qualified thumbs-up. (CNet)
  • “They have done a very good job in Europe, but the U.S. is a very tough music market,” said Ben Rumley, an analyst at Enders Analysis (WSJ)
  • Can Rdio Withstand The Spotify Assault? A Feature-By-Feature Look (TechCrunch)
  • Top Swedish Music Exec Tells Us What To Expect As Spotify Launches In U.S. (Hypebot)
  • A Contrarian View: Spotify & Streaming Music Will Not Replace Purchase Or Piracy
  • And there's this Storify mashup of celebrity reaction on social media.