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Shoudio Offers Free Service for Mobile Audio Recording with Geolocation Networking

Shoudio Shoudio, the "location based audio platform", is an interesting mobile app that for once made me think more about art than about commerce. It's not that Shoudio doesn't offer marketing possibilities but it seems more conducive to having a presence and creating geolocative audio art than about shout outs and promos. Shoudio has a web option but features its iPhone app and its currently-in-beta android app.

Shoudio iPhone App Demo Made Using App

Shoudio's focus is on recording and posting sound events and tagging them by time and place. So it's quite easy to imagine recording a song at home and uploading that or posting recordings of performers at an event.

Shoudio is integrated with a number of social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. You can also interact with Shoudio's own network of users, create channels and generally promote your activities. Photos can be included with your posts.

Audio pieces are embeddable on one's blog or site. Subscriptions to your channels are available as iTunes podcasts.

Shoudio's a nice service that, being free, is readily available for experimentation. Given the growing number of smartphone users and the still fresh possibilities for geolocative audio art, Shoudio might be a fun way to get in on some musical mobile action without having to spend a fortune!

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