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Greater market share does not mean it's the best platform to develop for. From what I've read by tech pundits and analysts (admitting that I personally prefer iOS to Android), when tracking what types of apps are downloaded Android users go with more free apps than paid. So if you can make money off ads in a free app, then Android is your platform.

But, if you want to get paid as a developer by the app sales income itself, then iOS is your platform.

The other issues to consider when choosing a platform to develop for is the fact that Android has so many handsets that don't support even their latest OS, plus variable screen sizes and resolutions, etc. Which phone do you pick to develop for. Apple makes it much easier. You know the screen resolutions and you know which devices it will or won't work on.

Encouraging developers to choose a platform based on a market share growth chart is short-sighted and just plain silly.

Check out Gruber's thoughts on this issue:

Louis Byrd

Marcus...I agree

I believe that iOS, much like Apple products in general, is a better platform for developement...simply because of the proprietary nature of the company.

Account Deleted

And in this race between iOS and android RIM is bearing all the losses...lol
seriously RIM has suffered more than $50 billion loss in last few years...so you can imagine the future of it if android and iOS continues to grow like this and RIM doesn't do anything about it!!

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