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Mr. Tunes

i don't agree with this post. as much the invites can be spammy, i use them to figure out what's going in the city each weekend.

even better there is a sub-page called "Friend's Events" which shows me the ones that my friends are attending but i didn't get an invite to.


The nice thing about creating a Facebook "event" is that it creates a page that you can send people to. So you can email it, tweet it, blog it, or post it in your facebook feed and your friends and fans can interact with it by posting comments, photos or videos.

Chris B

David Holmes

Dave -

I agree with much of what you said with a couple qualifications:

1. I do end up deleting many events I receive, but the ones I say "yes" or "maybe" to automatically show up on my phone's calendar. Many a show has turned from a "maybe" to a "yes" when my phone reminded me on the day of an event.

2. Like the comments above, there are some essential functional uses of "events" including having it listed on the left side of the Fan Page which helps if the wall gets cluttered.

I think for now, an artist should go ahead and create an Event, but should also follow your advice.

Facebook has actually made it much harder in recent days to do what you request - they almost eliminated the ability to target your invites beyond a few large cities. Check out my post on the subject: http://blog.intrepidam.com/does-facebook-hate-musicians

david holmes

Kevin Breuner

I understand the reasoning for this article, but I disagree with the conclusion. Most bands just go crazy with creating events and invite people that live nowhere near the show. Here is a useful article about creating a Facebook event without frustrating your fans - http://diymusician.cdbaby.com/2010/02/don’t-frustrate-your-fans-–-how-to-properly-create-a-facebook-event-for-your-shows/

Web video production

I have lots of friends where I'm from who promote music in the area - being friends with them on facebook basically means every single day I get an invite to some kind of gig - the problem is now I just ignore them...

There needs to be some kind of better management of them - even better - categorisation in facebook so that you are signed up to newsfeed type things, there is an 'events' section, divided by user / genre / venue etc., then if you want to know what's on where, you can just click on the genre, promoter, venue or day.... I'll take all the royalties please...


" Well, why not take the time to send each person who you’ve invited a personal message inviting them? "

Hmmm NO. Sorry but I have a life...

Dave Cool

Hi Bob,

Well, I can understand that sentiment, but in my opinion for artists to succeed in this new music industry they must spend time connecting directly with their fans, and this is one way to do it. People are bombarded with mass emails and messages, those artists that take time every day to personalize messages to fans are making an investment in their career going forward. Many DIY artists spend hours every day responding to emails, responding to fans on Twitter or comments on Facebook, and this has become part of the job description in many ways.

And remember, all of those people who are being invited to events and who are then being sent mass messages have lives too, I just think it's worth the time to get to know those people and what's going on in their lives so that you can better understand who they are and what it would take to get them to come to your shows.

Thanks for reading and commenting.



Dave Cool

Hi David,

Thanks for reading and for your comments. I actually do think it is still worth creating event invites, but not worth the effort sending mass messages through them anymore.

And I think Facebook hates all of us ;-)

These puppets pretty much sum up how I feel about Facebook these days: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flRg9Q1d3kY



Dave Cool

Hi Mr. Tunes,

Thanks for reading and commenting. I'm glad to hear that FB events are still working for some people. I guess in my case they've started to feel like MySpace events did just before I gave up on that site.

In general, these puppets do a better job at explaining how I feel about Facebook these days:





i agree, Facebook events suck a lot .


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