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Talenthouse Connects Talent To Celebrity Artists

Talenthouse Talenthouse is an interesting hybrid of competitive opportunities to create work for big stars or big brands and a showcase/artist's portfolio for creative talent. The real lure here is the opportunity to do work for celebrities which one can then leverage on one's way to a career, especially if you're stuck out in the middle of nowhere or having difficult cutting through the noise in the thick of things.

While there are lots of places online to post a portfolio, the opportunities to compete for creative projects is what sets Talenthouse apart. They include opportunities for musicians from opening for Paul Oakenfold to spitting some bars for Game.  But there are also plenty of opportunities for folks who want to work with musicians from making a video for Queen to designing artwork for Paul McCartney.

Design for Paul McCartney

I generally have mixed feelings about artist competitions, since the world of art is already pretty darn competitive. But Talenthouse is one of those projects that can allow for the occasional artist to cut to the chase and get some attention that might otherwise be difficult to acquire.

Of course, the appeal of Talenthouse is to build a name since I would think somebody creating a video for Queen would typically make more than the $1500 on offer. Though being the guy or gal that made that Queen video is certainly an entree into more lucrative work, one has to wonder about providing graphics for a skater/musician to use on skateboards, attire, stickers, t-shirts, show fliers and web promotions in exchange for what is basically a swag bag.

Given that a lot of web companies are building serious businesses off free labor, Talenthouse is certainly offering more, but it's also one of those tradeoffs one has to sort out based on the best use of one's time. If you do go for it, make sure you read the instructions carefully and keep in mind that most artists make it by producing an ongoing stream of solid work rather than by a single lucky break.

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