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Twitter Hits 200 Million Users, 350 Billion Tweets Daily [CHART]

image from In just 5 years, Twitter has exploded to 200 million registered users.  And here's the truly amazing statistic: Twitter processes 350 billion tweets every day. The service launched in March of 2006, but moved out of private beta in July.  Who was the first indie music musician to get actively involved on Twitter?  We're pretty sure it's avant cellist Zoe Keating. She was there from very beginning and now 1,327,547 follow @zoecello – a number that exceeds many platinum selling artists. Check out the Twitters Stats Chart & Timeline:

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  1. With some many people being down on Twitter of late you could easily think that it was a sinking ship, however with figures like these paint a very different story! Twitter has probably seen the slowest uptake of all the networks and is probably the least easy to actually “get”, but put the effort in and it can be one of the most rewarding in terms of traffic, networking and also having a whole heap of fun!

  2. Um… 350 billion tweets per day with 200 million users means everyone tweets 1750 times per day. The infographic ACTUALLY says 200 million users, >200 million tweets per day.
    Might want to actually read your infographic before just regurgitating it.

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