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Warner Music Staffer Accused Of Stealing $700,000

image from A former NYC staffer of Warner Music conned the company out of $700,000 according to a Manhattan Criminal Court complaint. Andrew Robertson allegedly set up a fake company and billed WMG for undelivered goods between March 20, 2007 and this past July 1st.

Robertson was "in charge of ordering products . . . [and the higher-up] realized that since 2007, over . . . $700,000 was paid to a company called A.I. Robinson for products that were never provided . . . [and that] A.I. Robinson bore the same address as the defendant's employment application," according to the criminal complaint. "When confronted, defendant admitted [he] created the company, A.I. Robinson, and that [he] would buy products using [his] personal account and submit invoices for more than the amount paid for said products."

Robertson was charged with grand larceny and released after posting $10,000 bail, according to the New York Post

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  1. Artists don’t have to sign to Warner. Isn’t it the artist’s decision?
    I think this has happened to Warner just recently with Roadrunner. Crazy people don’t think they will get caught. The idiot had the same address as his home.

  2. He isnt the first or will be the last, I know him professionally and he is an idiot never really liked him, But the real question is his boss was seeing funds missing since 07 and didnt know or do anything. Sounds like more people should be going down for this….

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