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What Are Your Top Music Industry Twitter Hashtags?

image from We're always trying to figure new and more effective ways of tracking breaking music industry news, as well as, information and commentaries from across the web.  Twitter is rapidly becoming the major broadcast choice for many including the 15,600+ who follow @hypebot.  But keeping up with the rush of even a portion of the 350 billion tweets daily can be overwhelming, so we're asking: What are your favorite music industry twitter hashtags? 

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  1. I would love to share, Join Michael Brandvold and Brian Thompson from The Music Biz Weekly podcast Wednesday, July 20th at 5pm PST for their first Twitter hashtag event.
    Hashtag #mbwp
    Michael and Brian will be available to discuss the podcast, questions about past topics, past guests, ideas for future topics and guests.

  2. Bruce,
    I’ve found all of the following to be useful for my Music 3.0 blog. I have a different set for my production blog that are more specific to recording.

  3. I just started a new hashtag, #madalynstip, where I put out good, useful social media tips. I also started one called #ggchat. It’s a Twitter Chat for members of the community that I run.

  4. I used to work social media for a distributor and we used one of our taglines a lot: #stayindependent. Aside from the interest of branding, I did hope that one would catch on. I did and still do love the fight for the success of independent artists, with or without the company affiliation. In my idealism, I kind of hoped it’d be like a victory or rallying cry whenever indies (bands, labels, general industry) accomplished something. 😛

  5. #MusicMonday and #MM is our favorite | Then there’s also the festival specific hashtags | More generic ones that have not been mentioned are #onmyipod and #nowplaying

  6. We like #ontheofficestereo and #onheadphones to talk about what we’ve been listening to. Or #digimusic for digital music-related tweets.

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