AM NEWS: EMI vs. MP3Tunes, RIAA vs. Thomas Again, AEG Ticketing, RDIO, Sonos, Google+ & More

HypebotFavicon Music locker MP3Tunes won a major but not complete victory over EMI yesterday that is also big news for Amazon, Google and other non-licenced digital music lockers. Founder and seriel entrepreneur Michael Robertson called it "a victory for cloud music".

  • RIAA appeals damage reduction for Jammie Thomas (arsSo much for focusing on bigger fish only.
  • Mega promoter AEG is ending its deal with Live Nation's Ticket Master and rolling out its own ticketing platform, axs Ticketing. One fan friendly feature: no fee to print-at-home


  • Music streamer RDIO has announced an Unlimited Family plan offering over 20 % in family savings.
  • Google is making its +1 button more social with the addition of friend annotations. Hover +1 button and you'll see who made the recommendations.  Darn, I'm going ot have stop recommending my own posts. Admit it, you do it too….
  • Happy Birthday Sonos! Nine years ago today all-house music system Sonos was founded on a whiteboard in a room above a Mexican restaurant in Santa Barbara.
  • iTunes is streaming the entire Red Hot Chili Peppers album "Im With You" a week prior to release.
  • R.I.P. – songwriter Jerry Leiber, soul man Nick Ashford, and concert promoter Tony Ruffino

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