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Blink 182 Rewards Fans Who Used Their Music Without Permission On YouTube

image from As part of a new marketing campaign with AT&T, Blink-182 created the "Film Festival You Didn't Know You Entered". "To launch our first single in eight years," explains the band, "AT&T helped us search YouTube for every instance of fans using our music without our permission. And then we rewarded them for it." They took those videos edited them into a three-minute clip below. "Thanks for being a fan."  WATCH THE VIDEO:

Here is a commercial that the Blink-182 made for the AT&T campaign highlighting the new Facebook share button.

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  1. What a cool project. I love how they credited the individual accounts at the end, too. The whole thing just has a “feel good” vibe.
    The band did a great job at looking at something ordinary and turning it into something special to recognize and reward their fans.
    It would be cool if they implemented this concept into their live events, showing off fan videos during a song.
    The time period before they come on stage would also be a prime spot. People are usually just standing around, so that would capture the audience’s attention and build up excitement for when the band takes the stage.

  2. very cool except that they get paid on those video views via audio match on YouTube. So actually they ARE used with permission.

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