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This is a huge problem for artists with no current easy solution. We are launch a crowdfunded touring site for exactly this purpose soon! Check it out at gigfunder.com if you want.

David Trau

This is Awesome! Hopefully as more artists start finding creative things like this the new models for DIY artists will start to take shape. Really, this is cool.

Onyx Ashanti

I had been thinking of things "like" this without thinking of "This"! I am going to incorporate this in my next crowdfunding campaign!! genius! AND i will make sure people know where i learned it from so that her career may continue to grow. thanks!


How do u sell tickets for a certain date at a venue before the venue us booked?

David Trau

Call the venue, book the date, create the campaign, promote the link, repeat.


This is totally fab. Love the idea (although not sure if kickstarter is in the UK?), love the video. Thanks for sharing Bruce.

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