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Dubset Pays Everybody But How Will They Get Paid?

Dubset-logo "DJ Defined" web and mobile app radio service Dubset recently received $500k in funding on top of $100k and it looks like they're going to need it. They've developed unique technology for identifying songs in dj mixes so the artists get paid and the service is free for both djs and listeners. Understandably folks have been wondering how Dubset will get their cut. It turns out the answer is scattered throughout the site.

I can see why people like Dubset. The site looks great, there are a growing range of dj created mixes and you don't have to show up at a particular time to enjoy whatever it is you're looking for.

Dubset has developed widely noted "MixScan" technology for identifying tracks within DJ mixes and for paying artists. That means they are also paying technical personnel and, given that they're a streaming music service, must have some hefty hosting fees. So where's the money?

Here are some possibilities based both on what I'm finding on the site and on the power of logic informed by the history of business:

  1. They can license their Mixscan tech.
  2. Individual tracks used in mixes are available for sale via affiliate programs such as Amazon and iTunes.
  3. Branding and advertising have great potential.
  4. Sponsors of offline events can be provided with "further promotional opportunities."
  5. Venues and events can also be monetized via "ticket and RSVP transactions".
  6. DJs can be charged to be featured on the site and for additional promotional services.
  7. They can sell Dubset merch from tshirts to headphones.

Also, once content is uploaded they can keep using it forever even if you leave which is fairly unique in the world of user generated content.

That's all I've got. How about you?

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  1. Again, I don’t see the mass appeal for a project like this. The technology they’ve created is certainly useful. But unless the mixes are SO exclusive and filled with amazing tracks why use this service?
    I’ve been downloading and listening to DJ mixes for over 10 years now and I can’t figure out why a service like this would take off.
    Besides licensing their Mixscan technology and branding and advertising which I think are the only real ways they can make money. All of those other suggestions could be done on any site without this exact service.
    I like the idea but I just don’t see this being a viable product in today’s marketplace.

  2. For one, it’s free, and between their multiple platforming for mobile devices, you can listen just about anywhere there’s an internet connection (which is just about anywhere these days anyways). Instead of loading up massive amounts of space on hard drives, computers, and mp3 players by downloading all these mixes, it’s all there in the cloud. And it’s not like you can’t go download the mix if you like it.
    Above all, it introduces you to new music within the mixes (notably giving support to both the remixing DJs and paying the artists if you buy the track), and introduces you to DJs that you might have not ever heard of before. You never know who’s going to be the next big thing.
    I’ve been on masses of sites looking for great mixes for about the past 4 years, and I’ve never seen anything as expansive that encompasses such a great variety on a single site without being biased toward a single DJ, style, or genre.

  3. Sounds pretty slick. The tech behind this is something I would like to see take off. Being able to pick out a tune in a dj set or fan made video and pay the original artist?I’m in.

  4. I think it’s more accessible to a general audience than sites I’ve seen in the past and it’s quite possible that the general audience of people who would find this interesting is much larger than the audience that’s been downloading mixes for 10 years.

  5. Thx for putting in the time. We’ve worked hard on the site with minimal resources. Expect some serious updates to come in the near future. We’re excited to see where this goes and to hopefully answer some of the questions in this post. Stay tuned

  6. Thanks for sharing the information with me. The article was extremely informative and I look foward to reading more soon. Thanks again. Jay

  7. As a DJ I am very excited about this. There are no LEGAL places for me to upload my mixes to right now. Dubset calims to be legit and I can’t see why labels won’t back this type of thing. It seems like this would give labels a better idea of what’s being played and by whom. I signed up and uploaded a mix and am waiting to see how it goes. This would also be helpful to someone like me that also creates his own music. I can now add my tunes to the mix and get the same info that a bigger label would get.

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