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Facebook Music To Launch September 22nd With Multiple Partners [REPORT]

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(UPDATED 9/31/11) CNBC is now confirming a September 22nd launch. Read on for details: Facebook has announced a major developers conference for September 22nd in San Francisco; and while details are scarce most observers expect the launch of a Facebook music dashboard. Spotify, Pandora, Rdio and MOG are all rumored to be included in the new dashboard which will be accessed from the users home page. Facebook has also signaled that it will offer a more social music experience with playlist sharing and some form of group listening.

Huge Potential Upside For Music:

Given it's huge user base – more than 750 million active users, 50% of who log in on any given day – Facebook Music could drive significant music discovery and purchase, as well as, revenue for the services included. The average Facebook user has 130 friends they can influence and many have hundreds more. Together they 700 billion minutes interacting, according the stats provided by the social network.

Also expected to launch at the September developers conference are expanded mobile options including the launch of their first iPad app.

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  1. If true, 3 services are US-centric and 1 includes parts of Europe… Well, you know… that’s good for America, not for the rest of the World…

  2. Not that exciting. Facebook is trying too hard to be the Internet. They need to leave music to the big boys.

  3. ‘Facebook Music could drive significant music discovery and purchase, as well as, revenue for the services included’ … yeah, revenue for the ‘services’ …
    Services like Spotify, that pay a laughable pittance to the actual music creators.
    Musicians get to bankroll major corporations again … but whatever, it’s good promotion, right?

  4. I don’t really like the idea. While I understand that facebook is a giant in the social networking space and all that can come along with that, music and music commentary is a delicacy that must be managed carefully.
    Facebook can fall prey to some of the same intangible experience killers that myspace succumbed to in months and years past simply by trying to be, do, and show too much to users. We live in a day where people value simplicity in many forms. Facebook barely gives users time to adapt to and learn their ever-changing interface.
    Someone said it, “leave music to the big boys.” I agree, let people do what they do with their music. There are already plenty of methods to share music.

  5. I think the idea of a dashboard is a bad one for the users, but a good one for Facebook. That’s because they’ll learn a lot about their members’ behavior as it has to do with music sharing, et cetera.
    The concept of “group listening” is dopey. We live in an asynchronous world, and the idea of a bunch of people simultaneously doing anything except watch football doesn’t make any sense…that’s why the DVR was invented.
    But I can definitely see Facebook refining the concepts that Spotify and others have innovated, and eventually they’ll come out with something that works….or Apple or Google will.

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