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Great summary and great insight... thanks!

"We shouldn't try to force another one-size-fits-all model to our industry; it's just not coming anytime soon. Instead, we need to cater to the needs and desires of each of our own niche's preferred method of consumption in order to create the best, most personalized and worthwhile music experiences possible."

^^^ This right here... it's all about facilitating the personal connection between fans and artists (or niche labels) directly. There's too many technologists and marketers trying to force one or the other into some overcrowded mass platform. Any time you do that, you can only work within the constraints of the lowest common denominator, making it difficult to differentiate. Consolidation and efficiency have their place in some cases, but not when it comes to expressing creativity in art and music.


"Music and technology spaces are beginning to make significant progress in creating better approaches to fans in ways that are more responsive to their habits as consumers."

This really sums up the approach we've taken with AudioVroom. We're offering any mobile/web user a highly personalized radio that learns from their preferences, and offers rewards (e.g. free music) for interacting with the app and with other users. We're aiming for a friction-free, extremely responsive music discovery and sharing experience, one that allows users to either "lean back" or "lean forward" according to their preference. We'll be formally launching in the fall, but Hypebot readers are encouraged to check out audiovroom.com now and weigh in!

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