MTT Weekly Recap: Google+ is for People, Not Bands
Ian Rogers Interviews VEVO CEO Rio Caraeff On "This Week In Music" [VIDEO]

AM News: Income Diversity Mantra, UK Blocking, Social Music Charts, MTV vs. Songkick & More

HypebotFavicon The need to diversifying revenue streams is the mantra coming from every corner of the industry from indie music marketers to Edgar Bronfman Jr. on last week's WMG earnings call."Diversity, Not Just Digital Sales, Will Save the Recording Industry"  offers a strong analysis by Glenn Peoples of Billboard. But too few stats exist, making it essential that as many artists as possible participate in the Future Of Music Coalition's Artist Revenue Streams study which launches soon.

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  • 200,000 BitTorrent Users Sued In The United States in recent months.(TorrentFreak)