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It's possibly that I'm just completely behind the curve or thick as bricks, but I reaaly don't get Mango's website/business. I saw a lot of info about digital and barely any about vinyl. Does he press vinyl or only sell vinyl? Does his website get a lot of traffic for some reason because I have never heard of it and it looked rather boring and tame if you ask me. I'm a bit perplexed by this whole thing. Besides, if a band or artist is interested in pressing vinyl, wouldn't their label just back them up with advice and/or revenue? Having a large or string fan base seems to be something most DIY/indie musicians don't have and therefore wouldn't be worth them investing in vinyl.

Honestly, if this website is going to dole out advice to it's readers it should be catering to DIY musicians who are not on a label because that's primarilly what their readers are made up of. Giving info that only musicians who already have labels is a waste of time because those musicians already have a support system in place to help nurture their work and careers.

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I apologize for the gramatical errors, but I'm typing all this from the street.

Clyde Smith

The Word From the Street!

That's actually damn good from a mobile device.

I have to be honest with you, I've found it's better to learn as much as you can about whatever you're doing so you know what's up when the opportunity comes along.

And topics like the marketing power of Rolling Stone's cover, which is unlikely to be actually relevant to any of our readership based on your analysis, got all sorts of discussion.

So I think our readership is both broader and more willing to learn new things than do you.

Besides, if you just depend on your label to do the right thing without understanding what they're doing and why, then you stand a good chance of ending up wondering why you got f*cked.

Erik Peterson

You don't need a label to release vinyl anymore...I can help you out with that. (@hifidelics)


Chancius, it is rather confusing cause I do a lot of things and Clyde has linked to a lot of them. The blog posts that he's linked to are from my personal blog. I'm a collector of vinyl, and have been involved in vinyl for more than 15 years. I'm not sure exactly what site you're saying is boring and lame, but I assume it's the blog. Yes it is boring hahah, but it's just a blog for me to vent my ideas and thoughts. The question is what do I really do, and that's linked in other places in this post. I own an online store platform (http://LimitedPressing.com) that's popular with small independent labels involved in punk, hardcore, indie and metal. But in general, people who sell unique products like Vinyl, Toys, Art, etc, use it. Hence the name Limited Pressing. I also own a vinyl packaging company called Solid MFG (http://getsolidmfg.com) and a vinyl trading platform called The Old LP (http://theoldlp.com) which currently has over 190,000 items in collections. I don't think you're behind the curve at all, I just think we're a niche industry and this is why you haven't heard of any of my companies.

And on a side note, the labels I'm giving advice to are extremely small one person, in the red or break even, hobby operations.

Hope that explains it. Thanks!


Clyde Smith

Nick, thanks for filling us in!

Tiger Rogers

how do you release vinyl without a label?

Andre Wiley

I am currently trying a Kickstarter campaign to try to raise enough to finish my album and release copies of it on vinyl. I would love another opinion and hopefully some cost figures about 100 or so presses. Thanks! Andre (@idlewoodband)


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