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VibeDeck Adds Direct-To-Fan Music Sales On YouTube

Vibedeck-logo VibeDeck, a direct-to-fan ecommerce platform for music, has added a YouTube integration to go along with its SoundCloud and Facebook integrations. This is a nice extension of a service that has focused on keeping it simple and keeping it free.

Selling Music on YouTube with VibeDeck -

Hypebot sponsor VibeDeck's free ecommerce platform continues to develop by adding YouTube to its sales options along with Facebook, SoundCloud, one's website and the VibeDeck site itself. The YouTube integration offers a way to sell music associated with a particular video. PayPal provides payment processing.

VibeDeck recently updated its SoundCloud options to include sales of individual tracks within SoundCloud Sets. They also now provide a Facebook audio player that shows up when fans share or like your music. In addition, a free download for a Tweet option is available.

Though VibeDeck doesn't yet have a revenue model, it does have plans to provide services to other industries: "There is no reason why our software won't be equally as useful to authors, photographers, designers, teachers, consultants and other proprietors of digital goods as it is today for musicians."

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