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REM’s Michael Stipe Talks Art, Photography & Tumblr For The Creators Project

image from The Creators Project talked with Michael Stipe in his NY studio about his art, his photography and his web projects, including Futurepicenter, and his Tumblr blog, Confessions of a Michael Stipe.

The Creators Project: Michael Stipe

The Creators Project reveals what an arty old guy Michael Stipe has become. Of course, he's always been pretty arty going back to the early days of crowdsurfing in little clubs at REM shows with an instant camera. Now, of course, he's using digital cameras and posting on Tumblr.

It's actually pretty interesting to get a sense of how Stipe approaches art including the creation of plastic sculptures. But since Tumblr is a topic I've discussed before, let's take a look at Confessions_of_a_Michael Stipe, Stipe's Tumblr blog.

Given that Stipe is kind of well-known and that photos by famous musicians have a long tradition, there may not seem to be much of a takeaway for those who haven't yet become famous. But if you just look at it as some musician's Tumblr, then you can take it as a nice example of someone exploring his art in another medium and sharing it via his blog.

While some musicians only do music, there are a lot who pursue other art forms and have other interests besides art. Those are all great examples of material that could be used on Tumblr while also accommodating as much self-music marketing as seems appropriate.

And it certainly takes the pressure off getting all worked up about social media overload if one's doing a project on Tumblr one enjoys.

Prior to his Tumblr blog Stipe posted a series of photos at

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  1. Wow, Michael Stipe – the guy is a genius! Since when I first discovered REM in the mid 80s until now he’s been someone I’ve looked up to over and over again. His advice n Tumbler is excellent and will surely put into practice. From one Michael to another … Thanks Michael!

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