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Yannick, the GeneralEclectic

What sound quality will they provide? Lossless or compressed?


I'm sure, compressed. Whatever quality Spotify/Rdio/MOG streams.


I am not sure what this post really has to do with their music service. No where in the article does it even mention what there offering is or could be. Indeed the stats are impressive but I would not expect anything less.

Yes they have almost total control over the social media landscape but it seems to me that the biggest thing they could do is partner with iTunes to incorporate the playback and and purchasing from within the User Interface.

The key is for them to create a system that allows friends to hear what other friends are listening to with the option to have them purchase it instantly.

Lets see what happens.

Aristedes Philip DuVal

yeah r they gonna be PAYING us for using our MUSIC & LYRICS & VIDEO??? HUH?? that's all i want to know about "IMPACT"

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