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90% Of Time Spent On Social Networks Is On Facebook

image from As a reminder of just how major yesterday's f8 announcements on music and media on Facebook were, comScore created this chart of time spent on various social networks. 90% of all time on social networks is spent on Facebook, with other the other 10% split between Myspace, Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

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via BusinessInsider

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  1. It’s no surprise. F*c*book has sucked dry all other online communities. Nowadays, these are only populated by diehards.
    Yet, it was the same with MySpace back when they were big. There was a huge online migration movement of bloggers and forum users towards MySpace. At one point, F*c*book came and people moved there, like on Saturday night when there’s another party starting later during the night. Facebook’s biggest fear is probably it could happen to them, too, that their users will move away. That and money is probably the only reason they strive for world domination. It’s no question who might become the “new middle man” soon, not just for music but for everything.
    I don’t like Facebook’s attitude. They are somewhat like the so-called German Democratic Republic in this regard: that dictatorship locked its people behind a wall and spied heavily on them. Facebook spies on you using search engines looking for your name and email adress – even if you’re not registered with them and your email adress is just listed in one of their user’s contact lists. Of course, people were shot at the Berlin wall, and Facebook does not do that. But when you delete your Facebook account, the wall locks you outside of your former social “life” nevertheless.
    Web 1.0 has been so much more freeform, has provided much more freedom. I feel Facebook is taking that freedom away by its real name policy. You don’t want to be caught by your “friends” when you like a guilty pleasure or do you? But when you “like” or “friend” something, it goes out all over your profile, never to be deleted again. This behaviour of Facebook is promoting self-censorship. Also, there is much more freedom when your mom or your boss does not know you’re wasting your time with music. That’s the psychology F*c*book uses to control the behaviour of its users.
    Luckily, Web 1.0 is not gone but very much alive. It’s just that it’s become less populated.
    And why not? I mean when I was making my online community experiences back in the early 00s, I was told more often than not in real life to “get a life”. At one point, I was bored with the chatrooms and stuff and I just quit. Now I’ve got a life and people are telling me I should get a Facebook. But why? I’ve been there, done that, so to speak.
    Please, dear artists, remember there are a lot of people who are not on Facebook and do not want to be. It’s worth updating us as well.
    I have created another email account for myself which I use to register on artists’ mailing lists. That way, I keep getting free updates (thank you dear artists) and the messages will not interfere with personal mails. I’d like to advise all music lovers do the same. Or at least, set up a filter for that in the mailing software you use.

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