One Major Player Is Missing From Facebook Music

image from t3.gstatic.com Yesterday Facebook transformed itself into music and media discovery, listening and sharing powerhouse.  Via its API, Facebook welcomed some of music's hottest startups: Spotify, Rdio, Soundcloud and more than a dozen more onto its pages. More will follow soon. But one major player is missing: Apple.

For most music fans – particularly the casual ones – Apple provides both the music store and the music plyer of choice. It's not a surprise that Apple is not on board. Without full iTunes integration,  music discovery will turn into far fewer purchases. 

Yes, some of the integrated services have iTunes purchase options. But any extra layer adds friction and extra friction means fewer sales.

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  1. Actually, the biggest missing link is probably Pandora. That being said, the whole experience is about being able to immediately listen to what your friend just listened to. Nobody could do that with iTunes unless they bought the track. There is just no clean integration for Apple in this platform right now.
    Oh…and Pandora is missing for the same reason…can’t link directly to the song.

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