AM NEWS: Facebook Music, RIAA Dings Tenebaum $675K (Again), Payola Today, Apple iCloud Reset

HypebotFavicon This Thursday we should finally learn what Facebook Music looks like. Over the weekend, a Dutch coder discovered which music services are part of the launch of this joint social music ecosytem. Check back throughout today and the rest of the week for more.

  • Joel Tenebaum lost a major round with the RIAA who succeeded in having his $675,000 fine reinstated.
  • How Payola Works Today… Or Why You Only Hear Major Label Songs On The Radio (Techdirt) Be sure to also read George Howard's original great post for the Tunecore blog here.
  • Pirate Party Enters Berlin Parliament After Historic Election Win (Torrentfreak)


  • Apple Is Resetting iCloud On Sep 22, Which Means iOS 5 Is Mere Weeks Away (SAI)
  • China's Baidu makes it global move. (Wired)
  • The Book Industry and the Recording Industry Should Pay More Attention to Each Other's Problems (Nashville Scene)
  • Two major management companies, Larry Mestel's Primary Wave Music and Chris Lighty's Violator Management announced they will merge to form a new company, Primary Violator. The new roster includes 50 Cent, Mariah Carey, Soulja Boy, L.L. Cool Jay, and Diddy.  And Live Nation says it will announce purchase of a major management company today.
  • Sony Unveils Its First Android Powered Music Player Z1000 (TechCircle)
  • For Nashville Schools, Homework Will Now Include Country, Rock and Rap (WSJ)

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  1. “Joel Tenebaum lost a major round with the RIAA who succeeded in having his $675,000 fine reinstated.”
    This has NOT been “reinstated”

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