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Pimpy C

There's a great Canadian band called Sons Of Daughters.

And there's a band called Sons And Daughters.

Monster High Dolls

No matter what name you put as long as you never change your performance, that doesn't change anything. Fans will still be out there for you.


Sons of Fathers. As opposed to what?

short term rental london

I am agree that as long as they are performing on the same amazing way for me it doesn't really matter how they are called.


Beck didn't seem to be worried about confusion with Jeff Beck when he entered the marketplace. Sounds hypocritical to me.

Greg Brent

Classy move on Beck and Cauthen's part. I don't think Beck had any legit reason to have them change the name, but I admire their willingness to comply.

(Plus this should get them some free press in a number of media outlets..Yea!)


It's a better name. Beck is a hypocrite, but he actually did them a favor. They were smart enough to jump at the opportunity.

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