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Coder Discovers More Facebook Music Details Including Featured Services

image from Dutch coder and digital detecive Yvo Schaap did some digging in the code underneath Facebook over the weekend and came up with a list of services particpating in Facebook Music which sources say will be announced Thursday. "I looked at the major music streaming services, and found an interesting reference in their HTML code." said Schapp. "All track, album and artist pages got meta data in a yet undocumented format." The Facebook Music services include:

  • Spotify
  • MOG
  • Rhapsody
  • Soundcloud
  • Rdio
  • Deezer (France)
  • VEVO

Other sources have confirmed most of what Schaap found. "These services providing detailed meta data regarding music, which users could like, share and comment would be a big win for Facebook and other developers to build from," according to Schaap. "The social graph would be expanded by a detailed music profile of users, and their friends."

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  1. This is very exciting it must be said. The choice to link to the service of your choice as you promote stuff would be cool. Shame there’s no We7 there though.

  2. Does soundcloud pay license fees to the major labels or indies?
    Seems like we should assume they do, or they would be the only company in this class that does not (and that would be a HUGE risk to facebook).
    Bruce, do you know if soundcloud pays license fees? Could you get some detail on that? labels I know don’t seem to get any money from spins on soundcloud, so it would be nice to know if others are.

  3. I believe that since they are primarily a service that artists use primarily to store and stream music – and that the artists keeps all of any sales – that Soundcloud does not and does not need to license music.

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