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Steven Collins

Great piece. I supported my buddy Josh on RocketHub.com (http://www.rockethub.com/projects/312-be-my-record-label) a while back and saw these principles in action.

The fact that there were rewards that gave me a reason to buy immediately added enough urgency to give now.

Now I'll be launching my next project on RocketHub with the same lessons in mind.


Excellent information and extremely timely for me. I am involved in The Ascension Tour and crowdfunding is something we are looking into now. Will share this with the others.
Susan Leak


I believe crowdfunding is a great way of funding creative projects. But I still feel it's not universal.
Some countries aren't that into helping or using internet to invest in someone else's talent.
What really matters, besides the platform, is your destribution network. As an artist you should consider the world as your audience and not only your country. ;)

Clyde Smith

That's an interesting point.

I also think that it's probably better to wait until you have a fanbase with people that make it clear that your music means something to them. You can have a bunch of FB friends and Twitter followers and that won't necessarily translate into financial support.

Crowdfunding failures often result from the "build it and they will come" fallacy. Just putting it out there is rarely ever enough.

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