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Did Facebook Just Pull A MySpace?

image from (UPDATED) What Facebook did last week was brilliant. Instead of taking the time and effort to try to build their own "best" music and media services, they opened up the back door and let almost everyone in.  And who "everyone" is can change as new services that grab fan attention come online.

But with so many choices and a plethora of new features, is Facebook in danger of getting too complex and its pages overcrowded?  Did Facebook just pull a MySpace?

One of Facebook's draws has been it's simplicity and ease of use and that's particularly true for the masses that Facebook has attracted in the last year or so. They open up the possibility of massive music discovery.  But will a user get frustrated and just give up (for example) when they're signed up to Spotify and their friends want to share music on Rdio or MOG? 

The goals is for great software and services to be easy to use, as well as, robust enough for more advance users. You can use Microsoft Outlook within seconds of opening it up, but months later you'll find a feature that makes your online life easier.

Is Facebook that well designed? Not really, and when there are constant reminders of all the cool things you're friends are doing that you don't know how to do...

Then there's the privacy issue, which amazingly seldom dogged MySpace.  An things may have gotten worse with the weekend revelation that Facebook can track you even when your not signed in.

What do you think? Did Facebook just go too far too fast? Did Facebook just pull a MySpace?