Foundry Group Launches “I’m A VC” Music Video (or) Why VCs Should Stick To Launching Startups

image from www.google.com Venture capital firm Foundry Group has made a spectrum of successful early stage technology investments including Zynga, Brightleaf, Lijit. In music, Topspin and Next Big Sound have both received funding from Foundry.  A few too many sips of Pinot Noir (just guessing…) later, the firm (with tongue firmly planted in cheek) produced and released, "I'm A VC" billed as a "documentary film illustrating through complex metaphors and stunning montages the secret lives of venture capitalists including information rarely seen or understood…..until now."  WATCH:

I'll admit that I chuckled a few times while watching "I'm A VC", but next time they get a bright idea like this, Foundry Group Managing Directors Seth Levine, Ryan McIntyre, Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson should probably hire a real comedian like Margaret Cho and stick to launching great companies.

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