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Pascal-Denis Lussier

Sorry for doing this: I wrote two blog entries on just that very question (Do you agree he creates original art?), so rather than reformulate or cut & paste portions into here, please allow me to direct you to my answer, found here:
"A Few Words on Copyrights, Integrity, and Life…"


UK Blues

Of course it creates original art. That is an argument that was settled with Duchamp and then Warhol - long before sampling.


It's a moot question. I tend to look at it philosophically, and for that we must define our terms. What is meant by "original" and what exactly is "art"? In my life I've never come across anyone who could satisfactorily answer these questions, so to me there can't really be any debate.

And on top of that, I think the idea of originality is held too preciously in most people's mind. Technically, an "original" is simply something that copies are made from. All too often people say "original" when the word I think they are meaning to use is "unique". In painting for instance, the original is simply the canvas that was physically painted on by the artist. It speaks nothing to uniqueness or quality.

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