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Great insight to read! I just fell in love with this band upon hearing their newest album that I personally think is the best of the year. Sounds like these chaps really cut through the BS that everyone else gets so worried about while trying to be a successful musician and they just made things work for them. Good to hear!

Free album download at www.facebook.com/chancius


I had the pleasure of working with PTM when I was at Fearless Records. They're truly the good guys in this business, and it was evident they worked their asses off.

Unfortunately, I worked with Rich only a few months before I left the label but we could tell early on that he was great for this band.

Luis Garcia

Although things have changed and maybe I don't have as much time as I used to, there isnt a day where I havent tried mentioning P.tM to friends, family, or strangers. Ever since I first heard the band and fell in love it just became second nature to want to share them. Seeing these series of events written out and how every little thing affects the outcome is truly amazing. I didnt realize it until I read this all together how being generally nice to your fans goes a lot farther than anyone can imagine. Some bands dont appreciate the fact that theres people out there that actually want to hear your sounds, and sometimes even pay for them! PtM is not one of them and thats what seperates them from any other band ive ever had the chance to experience.

Bryan Kim

Awesome story Rich. I definitely think more bands should use the slow approach these days, too many get too hot without properly developing their craft.

Having said that, I personally think the band is at a point where their songs really speak for themselves. The bigger your FB #s, the more chances you have to develop a relationship with a core "fan"... sometimes love takes a while, and having a large army of casual fans to distribute your songs to isn't a bad thing. While I totally agree you shouldn't treat your social media interactions as marketing tools, FB is the one place you want to cast as wide a net as possible.

I say this as a huge fan myself. I just discovered Portugal. The Man on Aaron Axelrod's show a few months back, hit up the Amoeba show afterwards, and fell down the rabbit hole of all their great albums. I sort of wish you had a very large FB following, because it would probably have increased the chances that I found the band earlier.

Anyhow, the building the FB #s part is a easier part, glad you took the slow approach to get here. I have a feeling I will be running into you soon enough to help you blow out your FB #s!

/2 cents

Eliza Michaels

Great example of how to build a loyal fan base. Thanks Rich.

Eliza Michaels, author of The Fan Formula - how to attract and keep a large loyal fan base so you can get your music out there in a big way.

Alan A. (aka Sanguine Sea)

Coming from the most impatient Irish singer/songwriter EVER, I have to agree that time does make an artist great and it would appear that the longer it takes to be recognised, the longer your music will be remembered (and let's not forget, historically, that most artists never saw a penny/dime for their work until long after they died!). Love the music, love the ethos, and love the love.....Alan A. (aka Sanguine Sea)


This is a great article. They understood that being on the cutting edge has helped them get to where they are now. The author mentioned that they used startups to get their word out and we are one of those startups that try to help musicians broadcast their music beyond the bands scope of influence. If you are interested definitely give us a look http://bit.ly/nt99xC

Aiyana Havir

This truly gave me a great insight into how real bands use real social media. I also believe that it is not merely a marketing tool, but rather a way in which an artist can use technology to meaningfully connect with their audience.

It amazes me that social media even helped in retrieving your missing equipment. The response you had from your supporters is living proof that much like your goal as a band, people have invested more than just an interest in your music, but also in your well being.

Also, I would like to recognize the commitment you made at the beginning of this process, your 5-year-goal, as a very respectable outlook to the music industry. I appreciate the brave honesty it took to make such a goal, but to also achieve it, is something to be very proud of in itself. Thank you for making great music, and continuing to push a true reality for musicians everywhere.

Kevin Kerney

Great artical. This band is still going strong. Love these guys and everything they do.

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