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The Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box Offers “Curated Food & Music Discovery Experience”

Pairings-box As previously discussed on Hypebot, 1band 1brand connects fashion and music in a variety of ways including weekly deals on the two. Now Turntable Kitchen, a blog that connects food and music, is offering a monthly subscription service pairing tasty tunes and yummy eats.

Turntable Kitchen is a blog about both music and food that occasionally pairs the two as one might pair food and wine. For example, in one post they pair a Jorge Ben album with Fig, Mint and Honey Galette.

This interesting approach is taken by a couple, Kasey and Matthew, with Kasey focusing the food and Matthew responsible for music. Now they're taking their pairing concept further with the Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box that, for $25 a month, offers a monthly shipment described as:

  • A limited-edition, hand-numbered 7-inch vinyl single featuring a pair of tracks by one of TK’s favorite artists/bands.
  • An exclusive, downloadable TK-curated digital mixtape packed with some of the most exciting up-and-coming new artists we’ve listened to.
  • A collection of three seasonal, themed recipes for you to try. Think: Fall Brunch, A Russian December Dinner, etc.
  • 1-2 premium dried ingredients for you to make 2-4 servings of each dish or drink (depending on each month’s theme). Each month, we’ll feature a special spice, flour, grain, or bean you’ll need to pull together a fabulous meal for yourself and a few friends.
  • Our suggested Pairings, tasting notes, and additional insights into the music and food that we’re sharing with you.
  • Occasional treats in the form of edible goodies, artist recipes, special reviews and bonus songs will surprise you along the way!

Focusing on a subscription model rather than a deals model is actually quite smart given that music bundled with related items have done quite well without being discounted. The rather complex package sounds like just the kind of thing foodies who love music would appreciate. Presenting it as a subscription service removes some of the uncertainty of sales and inventory while providing a unique offering that seems quite capable of building a cult following.

Given that I'm fascinated by both blogging and business models, it's also nice to see such an interesting approach to developing a new revenue stream that is creative yet integrally tied to the content of the blog while setting the stage for additional streams if so desired.

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