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Universal Music Joins Forces With Live Nation To Form World’s Largest Management Co.

image from (UPDATED) In a move that creates the world's largest music management firm, Vivendi-Universal have formed a joint venture with Live Nation that will include UMG's owned management co.'s Sanctuary, Trinifold, Twenty First Artists (TFA) and 5B and such artists as ZZ Top, The Who, Robert Plant, Judas Priest, Fleetwood Mac and Wolfmother.  As we reported this morning, Live Nation Chairman Irving Azoff and his Front Line Management division will helm the venture. Front Line clients include The Eagles, Aerosmith, Christina Aguilera, Jimmy Buffet and Neil Diamond.

The new joint venture management company is aimed at "strengthening artists and their brands through a variety of worldwide sponsorships, strategic marketing campaigns and brand extension opportunities".

According to the joint press release: "While each of UMG’s divisions will remain independently run under their current management, which includes prominent managers Carl Stubner (Sanctuary), Bill Curbishley and Robert Rosenberg (Trinifold), Cory Brennan and Bob Johnsen (5B) and Colin Lester (Twenty First
Artists), they will work closely with Front Line to expand their respective rosters of artists and managers".

Live Nation will get a 51% stake in the combined company, according to the New York Post though no money will change hands in the deal. Universal and Live Nation’s Ticketmaster are also expected to work together to package concert tickets with merchandise, DVD's and recorded music as part of the arrangement.

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  1. when artist begin to realize that there is no one on their corner battling for their best interest, only then will they begin to try and say something. Sell your soul fast.

  2. Those arguments about such things as merchandise rates at venues and ticket surcharges must be really interesting.

  3. You can bet the fans will get screwed with this deal – higher prices, more surcharges and less ticket availability – anytime Ticketmaster is involved fans get screwed and scalpers get tickets.

  4. Artist management = label = tour promoter. That’s a huge conflict of interest from an artist’s perspective if under their management because it means your management has changed sides. Maybe this is Universal Music’s dream of a truly Universal Music Industry? If anti cartel administration did not have anything to say against this, I guess somebody is laughing his Azoff.

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