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facebook won't kill last.fm for the same reason that facebook thinks it will:
"it scrobbles what people do there automatically"

in fact, facebook would like every action by every person to be broadcast to every other person. this may be my inner luddite speaking, but i think facebook is digging its own grave with this approach.


You could be right. The over-tracking and over-posting might eventually lead to more friend “ignores,” app authorisation removals and other reactions thwarting the whole Last.fm-ish concept on Facebook.

Precipitation is not speed, haste is not quick thinking. Myspace are learning this the hard way.


There is no comparison btweenthe two. Last.FM has been an independent platform refusing to join many 'mainstream' platforms and I'm OK about it since my private data aren't sold without my approval. Facebook is a 'wannabe' mixing whatever comes for numbers and stats. And money. Last.FM offers only what's necessary for music lovers including a variety of user-based options like tagging and scrobbling as well with music compatibility feature. So no, Facebook will not kill Last.FM. The only music fans can be found on Last.FM.

Craig Boliver

THIS IS STUPID. Spotify has the potential to take over Last.FM. BUT Last.FM has had a loyal user base since it began. This started way before Myspace and it's still existent. They hold their ground.


Not at all alike. Facebook Music doesn't "scrobble" the music you own. It doesn't just ignore iTunes, but it ignores every program that plays YOUR music. Even if you play your own files in Spotify, they don't show on Facebook.

Would you rather you show me your movie collection or your Netflix queue?

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