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BitTorrent Debuts Live P2P Streaming Platform With Weekly DJ Sets

Deejay-haxBitTorrent, the popular P2P site, has been slowly establishing credibility in the business world as a legitimate service. They've been working on a live P2P streaming platform for a number of years, and this month began public testing of the platform with live dj sets on Fridays. It's yet another great example of a tech company using music to spearhead the launch of a new service.

The move towards BitTorrent's legitimacy began in 2007 when a new CEO was named and Brightcove was announced as their first big customer. While that move hasn't stopped them from being a controversial participant in the music industry, they're moving a step closer to industry acceptance with BitTorrent Live, a live P2P streaming platform that has been under development for almost three years.

GigaOm's Janko Roettgers has been following the news and revealed earlier this month that, though tests are now public, a "broad beta is still a couple of months away." He also reposted an interview from last year in which BitTorrent inventor Bram Cohen discussed the service.

The current testing phase features Friday evening live dj sets. Tonight's event with Deejay Hax and VJ Biolumenence takes place on BitTorrent Live at 8 pm PDT.

You can keep up with future events via Torrent Live Studio's Facebook page.

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