BrIan Klein, Manager Of Joe Purdy, Fitz & The Tantrums On New Paths To Success [VIDEO]

image from www.google.com(UPDATED) On a new episode of This Week In Music, Brian Klein, the manager of Joe Purdy and Fitz & The Tantrums (pictured left) joins Ian Rogers to talk about using the new models and tools to find each of his clients unique path to success. There's a lot of great information in this interview, but be sure pay attention 28 minutes in when Rogers asks Klein about earnings from Spotify and his doubts regarding it's importance to Purdy's career. WATCH:

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  1. I have watched these videos each week since it started and feel I have a fair understanding of where the industry is and what it might look like.
    Building value, connecting with fans and giving them a reason to buy, being patient for growth impatient for profit, gone from a mass market to a mass of niches etc etc.
    Although I still do not understand why managers like Brian get away with selling on iTunes, in the case of Joe, making a sustainable income but from personal research and understanding of the landscape of the industry,
    why isn’t there a focus with Joe on building bundled products, selling tickets direct to fan, building there audience and monetizing from unique offerings?
    It seems to me that Brian is stuck in a period where he would rather get the word out there to as many people as possible rather than building on what fans he has and market to them with reference to the tiers of fans ie. super-fan, engaged and casual.
    This just seems he is doing a disservice to Joe for not capitalising on the value of his fans.
    (Please Respond)

  2. It’s surprising Brian didn’t touch on the other ways of generating income that you’d mentioned – he’s actually VERY MUCH involved in that world and was one of the first I’d seen do it.
    Maybe it’s because Brian uses Topspin to handle processing the bundled orders, etc., and they didn’t want to make this a 30-minute commercial for Ian’s company?
    I don’t think using iTunes is ‘getting away with’ anything. iTunes is a trusted digital music store to the masses at this point. It’d be a DISservice to Joe to NOT have his music available there.

  3. Thanks for the reply.
    You are correct in saying it would be a ‘disservice to joe to not have music available’ in iTunes. Although, I do not see any tiered pricing offers on the website.
    Maybe it is just the gap between releases and the fact that I have only just signed up to the mailing list. But I would hope for there sake and for my personal interest to keep engaged with Joe’s work, that they do not just release an album every six months. Understandably that is different in itself to what would previously occur with many artists but what else is unique.
    I look forward to seeing the next release.

  4. Meh – tiered pricing offers just confuse the issue and make websites messy to look at and confusing IMHO.
    It should be simple:
    Discover Joe Purdy
    Go to his website
    Listen to any and all of his albums and decide what you like
    Purchase in format of choice.
    Easy breezy.
    No need for “if you buy this album, we’ll give you this one and this one for half-price, but for an additional charge you can get an autographed poster, blahblahblah”

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