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CD Baby Adds MusicStore For Facebook

image from CD Baby continues to develop tools for indie artists that expands their services beyond basic manufacturing and distribution.

Their latest addition is the MusicStore for Facebook that's intended to be easily customizable with such options as pulling files from your CD Baby account and adding YouTube videos.  With Facebook's growing power, having either a store on your fan page or a related integration seems essential.  


According to CD Baby, "You don't even have to upload your music – it pulls the files directly from your CD Baby members account. What's more, it comes with many beautiful, customizable design options, and it's loaded with features. You can upload a banner, import your album reviews, and even add a YouTube video."

MusicStore For Facebook is a free service for CD Baby users. You can find more details in the FAQ.

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  1. I love CDBaby…awesome company to say the least.
    But I’m sure CDBaby would still take their cut per album sale, even though the FB store itself is free. Correct me if I’m wrong, but RootsMusic’s cut is much cheaper…?

  2. Rootmusic is on my list of companies to check out but they’ve gotten quite a bit of coverage on Hypebot from other writers. They seem to be doing interesting things.

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