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Debate: Is Creative Commons Good For Artists?

George Howard writes on the Tunecore blog:

image from"The real impact (intentional or otherwise) of the very vocal arguments put forth by Creative Commons with respect to copyright’s contribution to 'restrictive permission culture is that... people begin to believe that copyright is somehow bad or evil, and that anyone who wants to enforce copyright is anti-progress, anti-collaboration, anti-public benefit... Artists tend to have - at best - an uncomfortable relationship with the monetization of their work, and need no encouragement to devalue it." 

Not so, writes Glyn Moody on Techdirt:

"Copyright, with its ever-expanding range of restrictions and harsh punishments for those who overstep the mark – even unwittingly – hardly promotes that exchange. Creative Commons licenses are the true allies of artists who are struggling for recognition and remuneration, thanks to their broad permissions and explicit encouragement to share and enjoy, which promotes and enhances that exchange - and helps to generate that crucial financial return too."

What do you think?  Does Creative Commons help or hurt artists?