First Look At The New MySpace: It’s All About Music

image from allthingsd.com The week, new MySpace owners Specific Media are pitching the site at Advertising Week along with investor Justin Timberlake. A leaked ad pitch deck (click on image at left to enlarge) and an interview are offering the few hints we have as to what the new MySpace will look like – and its all about music and the "youth culture". 

MySpace traffic has "steadied" according to Specifc who hopes to make Myspace "the #1 online community music destination” and to feed the energy of youth culture everywhere.” The ad materials obtained by AllThingsD call Myspace “The Hulu of Music,” with “unique content rights with Big Four labels and 20K independent labels [that] allows for ad-supported music video and audio streaming.”

"No other company has the rights MySpace has," Specific co-founder told Billboard Tim Vanderhook told Billboard. "Nobody has the relationships we have with the four major labels, the catalog of 25,000 independent artists and 42 million songs. If you take Facebook's music announcements with Rdio, MOG and Spotify and you aggregated all those services up and took their audio catalog, it's not even half of what MySpace has."

"It used to be that when you think of MySpace, you'd think of the independent, unsigned artists who went and created their image and used it as a marketing platform to promote their music and try to build a fanbase," Vanderhook says. "Overall, MySpace got away from that under News Corp.'s leadership and lost sight of that independent artist, which is something we have a strong hold on."

The Ad Pitch Deck via AllThings D:

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  1. Make better tools to customize your page. Easy, intuitive. It’s got to look cool to attract people. Music is very much visual and Myspace has way too much clutter! No need to display everything on the same page!
    That’s number one thing for me!

  2. Let’s hope this change is for the better, since I personally haven’t totally given up on MySpace yet. It feels more music-oriented than F***book any time, although the last Great Change made it quite repulsive.

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