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Graham Smith-White

I just signed up and tried to set up their store for my EP. It doesn't work. step one of their easy 3 step process has an "OK" button that clicking does nothing. There is no way to advance to steps 2 or 3 and setup a store. It did seem too good to be true.

Erik Peterson

Charging directly to your cell phone is a great idea. Quick & simple. A lot of amateur marketers don't quite understand that making consumers work too hard (too much clicking, scrolling, redirecting, etc.) is a sales killer. Let's face it...humans are lazy.

Whether or not it actually works, as mentioned by Graham, is another story.

Pimpy C

No mention of Getonic's cut in this article.

Also, I'd love to see a screenshot of what the backend earnings reports look like to see how transparent the service will be (we all know how convoluted cell service billing usually is).

Benjamin Bernstein

Hey Graham,
I work for Getonic and I would be happy to address any problems or concerns you have. Please email me directIy at ben@getonic.com. I see you already managed to create two stores, you just have yet to add a preview to them. So I see you pretty much figured out how it works by yourself. Some times things are just good and not too good to be true:)

Benjamin Bernstein

Pimpy C,
Its all spelled out for you on Getonic's website. Just sign in, and click on the accounts tab and you will see how much everyone earns from a sale. Hows that for transparency:)


How's that for transparency? Not good. Nobody wants to set up an account before knowing if the split will be worth their effort. People are lazy, not stupid; why give up precious time and email permission in the dark? We've been burned by scammers/spammers like classmates.com before. Your service might be a godsend, but making people sign up before knowing those details (or even how they'll set prices)is asking them to buy a pig in a poke. You might be doing well, but I'd bet you're also turning away customers in droves.


Upon further review, the explanation found here:


seems to be that you can sell any digital thing you want as long as it's a buck fifty, of which you get to keep roughly $.65 depending on country and carrier. I applaud the attempt to remove all friction from the transaction, (take a bow) and I think the price point well chosen; I just don't know whether the lack of pricing flexibility will be a dealbreaker for some bands/brands, and $.65 is less than the $.79 you'd get from iTunes, which offers Cloud backup services to the fans in the deal.(albeit for an additional fee)

Expressed as a percentage of the retail price it's a lot less revenue than some other plans, and maybe a poor deal for an artist covering an existing song. (and paying songwriter royalties)It's probably most significant that the new service will open markets to include young folks who have cells but not cards. How old do you need to be to get a debit card, again? It could be more worthwhile for musicians with a younger demographic, but I may be underestimating the convenience factor.

Ari Tietolman

Amazing. Brilliant. Needed!!!

I'm going to add this to my business planning and marketing strategy immediately...

This will revolutionize the way music is purchased in today's markets, and we're going to see a storm of conversion from streamers to buyers fairly quick. I feel it's side effects will likely discourage piracy as well, and give artists the credit and revenues they deserve...

My only question is, do they have an affiliate program set up for record labels and distributors???

I'll be looking into deeper into this opportunity right away!!!

Nice work Getonic

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