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I really hate to be this guy, but proofreading goes a long way:

"Shop millions of [SONGS] in..."

"...removed the references to music, [ACCORDING] to..."

"The other big 'if' for [GOOGLE] Music [IS] if it will launch [WITHOUT] all four..."

That's 5 typos in a short article. Sorry, Bruce, but it's like getting toilet paper stuck to your shoe -- it's more embarrassing if I don't call you out.

Bruce Houghton

Thanks for the heads up.

Luke Brown

Actually, there's another typo in your "(UPDATE 2)."

"Rumors that the Google Music download store is launching in the next week [OR] two are everywhere."

Tighten up.

Peter Varshavsky

Perhaps putting a "Sent from my iPhone" at the end of the blog post would explain the typos.

Eyes pealed for Google music news.

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