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A single database linking sound recording, publishers & artists would help all digital stores pay the correct parties involved via a single persistent identifier.

Yes, we have ISRC, ISWC et al but no single persistent identifier to link parties and simplify takeovers / new distribution deals / reporting.

There are a number of initiatives being talked up but politics / egos are still an issue IMHO.

We live in hope this this model will soon be started...for all in the industry to benefit from!


Could this idea also offer a potential foundation for a single, international licensing/copyright governance?

Pimpy C

If SoundExchange can't get bands to register, how would One Big Database?

SoundExchange was set up to BE 'one big database', but it is failing due to lack of awareness, artist incompetence and a myriad of other reasons.

It's a nice thought, but hardly feasible.


LOL. Centralization being the key to solving misappropriation of funds. What a joke.

Bob D

I've worked on databases at BMI, Sony Music, Harry Fox and eMusic and the problem wasn't number of databases or whether they were too big or small, the problem was the lack of accuracy in the data. Who would be responsible to maintain this single database ? What can help is how data is shared between organizations, take a look at DDEX (Digital Data Exchange), CWR (Common Works Registration) and the use of GRID (Global Release Identifier). If the data is accurate and sharable then it wouldn't matter how many databases exist, in fact splitting the data into multiple database would help accuracy by keeping the data within the organization most knowledgeable about the details.

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