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Hallelujah, great post, ta Ian!

Tommy Swanhaus

Ian - great piece, authentic, and synthesizes all of the noise out there.

All the Best,

Tommy Swanhaus
Founder & Creator
The FreeStyle Life

david hyman

well done


Interesting stuff but Pitchfork seems like MTV these days. The reviews are bloated and pointless and they are create limitation just like radio or record labels. Their hip hop coverage is a joke and Radiohead gets a post a week. Who wants to her about Beyonce and Wavves from the same source?

Pimpy C

I didn't think it could take someone LONGER to spew the same 'no shit, Sherlock' common sensical predictions that Bob Lefsetz pukes out weekly.

Way to be concise.

Moses Avalon

"FIFTEEN years from now we will all rely on a set of trusted brands to deliver us our content."

You mean trusted brands with names like Sony, Universal, Warner and EMI? Aren't you just predicting a future that is already here: several gate keepers as taste-masters?

So what if the names will be MyTast.com instead of Sony or Rounder, etc.

Sounds to me like a prime example of the old adage: the more things change the more they stay the same.

No matter how many new widgets the Vally produces the basics of the music business are not likely to change: several companies with consolidated power creating filters for the masses.

You may enjoy sounding cool by making statements that allude to the demise of the "old guard," (I know i do) but in fact what you are really saying, is that the public NEEDS the service that the major labels/old guard provide.

And you can be sure that if you are right, the new taste-making filters whoever they will be, will be every bit as corrupt as the old ones because of yet another constant: absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The labels are dead. Long live the labels.


With nine months of 2011 down, album sales stand at 228.5 million, according to Nielsen SoundScan -- up 3.3% from the 221.1 million albums sold in the corresponding period of 2010.

Opps someone forgot to tell them about this......

I keep saying this, yet it's worth it...... When did the consumers ask to get music which is analog by nature only in Digital format? Why not digital physical global? It's what the majors are doing. Why wouldn't others do that too?

BTW Clearly fans are still buying albums and that included vinyl which was only .07 % in 2009 I believe it will hit 3% at the end of this year.

Heck, If I posted all the news articles w/ expert opinion's that said vinyl would disappear because of the Compact Disk and got a dime~ I'd be richer then Branson.


Cool Article. Has anyone checked out OurStage? Its a great site where the fans are in control of what music is on the top of the charts completely! Here's an article about how to get yourself going on there! http://www.ourstage.com/blog/2011/10/5/get-professional-on-ourstage

James Newell

More commentary from people who don't work in the music business.



"Owners of copyright cannot be Trusted Brands. If you are at a record label or a TV network I have terrible news for you: YOU CANNOT BE A TRUSTED BRAND. I worked at a record label owned by my friends where our friends were the artists and we chose who we signed very carefully. Still, every album isn’t great and as the owner of the copyright you’re never going to be the one saying, “Stay away from this one, it’s a little stinky.”

Whereas Pitchfork never gets it wrong? I seem to recall that they totally revised/recanted their list of 'top albums of the 90's' because it ended up being so out of touch with popular opinion.

This all seems a bit naive to me. The music press has their own special interests. The filters will be what the filters will be.


Seeing as how Topspin positions itself as an alternative to record labels and you include the following quote:

"When bands using Topspin are successful getting their widgets to spread across the segment of music blogs Pitchfork and Stereogum lead, those two leaders are the only two blogs who make up multiple percentage points of traffic, all the rest are less than 1%. These brands have real impact today, and that impact will grow significantly."

your assertion about who the future gatekeepers can and cannot be seems less than wholly objective to me.


As always Ian delivers..! I don't agree with all of what he's saying but I do agree with his stance on building a trusted brand. I still believe that the internet has a problem with too much content, as every second someone is putting out something new. In the future this will happen twice as fast as it's happening now. That will make it difficult for the consumer and the content provider. Somewhere in that problem is a solution and he who solves it will be huge. I don't think it will be Google or Apple...and I don't think it will take 15 years..maybe half that.


They won't be corrupt. Corruption only occurs with centralization, like in governments and Spotify.

The internet is the very opposite of centralization.

Moses Avalon

The Internet is the opposite of centralization?!? I presume you are aware that about five ISPs controle 99% of the traffic on the net, right?


Nice job! Branding yourself is so important but which direction to go and who to do it with...sheeew.



I came to this post because im suppose to be against tune core,hell no ,what i was saying is for artist tune core,is a good deal,because as a artist its a gamble just starting out there no certainey of a artist to do good or not with his or her music,lets be real for a complete unknown ,you take risk,you reli on your creativity,and experiance,here 10 years ago it was not easy,to get heard,and tune core helps provide that!thats all!

Matiur Rahman

"With SatLink’s proficiency and international breadth, TV Distribution we were able to upgrade and enhance the service to our clients by significantly increasing the bandwidth we offer, which, in turn, increases the quality Thomson Reuters’ video clients experience worldwide.

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