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L. Jacobson

it's hard to take this michael guy seriously. he's been scamming artists for a long time.

will musicians and record companies ever realize tech companies don't really care about them?


Oh man. I knew Spotify was bad, now just wait till Facebook starts taking a cut from their revenue.

Sharath Cherian

Michael do you have a link to this fact: "Facebook did this to the game company Zynga when they extorted 30% of all their revenues by threatening to block their service."

brad elineer


Facebook doesn't have to let anyone on their service. Don't you understand that?

Nor does Apple.

Facebook owns its platform.



I have never agreed with Michael~ until NOW. However! I would like to point out that 360 deals aren't all the rage since leaning about how artists and labels are forming LLC' during the New Music Seminar in NY


I agree with Michael. Last.FM, Purevolume they've stayed independent and it suits them well and I am more or less satisfied user of both. I escaped from FB after a short time because there's something not right with their greedy rules. There's a treat for numbers as if it was a promise of big money. I keep seeing people shouting on Twitter - "hey add me on Facebook, I am just missing 2 more people to have 3000 followers!" And what do you need it for? Does he/she really care about those 3k followers or likes? The answer is - no. Companies surrendering too much need to be aware that FB will not be that 'powerful' during the next 3 years and if they sell not only their own brands but also their customers work to such a platform, they will all fall along with FB decline. It's better to have one reliable service or product than jump from one flower to flower. It's easy to destroy, but it takes a lot of time to build a reliable identity.

Malachai Johns

Do you have any examples of companies other than Zynga that were "supposedly" negatively affected by being forced to use Facebook to sign in with? I'm not disputing your theory, but if the only example you have of a company that was hurt by this is one that made billions of dollars, I don't think that's too unattractive to most people. At least in the music industry you can point to 80% of artists who never even recoup their advance. Just saying...

dj o

u make the take it.

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